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First Successful Shipment Of The Hepatitis Ayurvedic Product Kamalahar To A Developed Country

Finally the first shipment of the Ayurvedic product Kamalahar to United States has happened. The product was send to an old lady who has been suffering from viral hepatitis C. Our client said that she did not want to take western medicine and instead wanted to go for alternative medicine as there is no cure for hepatitis C in western medicine.

The way it started was quite interesting. One fine morning Khatore Pharmaceuticals received an email in the customer support email id, requesting about the product that is very good for liver disorders and viral hepatitis C. At that time Khatore Pharmaceuticals had not yet setup the logistics for shipment of the products to USA or for that matter any country outside India. The company was still putting things in place for the online store for shipments of ayurvedic products in India. Till last year, i.e. 2010, the company was only doing direct selling through chemists and stores in eastern part of India. Finally we decided to go online to expand our reach to patients all over India and finally to the people who are suffering from liver disorders in the whole world. But we had thought we might just be focused on India market for some time to come. But after the email and a request from her that she has been suffering from quite some time and does not want
to use the allopathic medicines (in which anyways there is currently no cure for Hepatitis C) we decided to setup the things in a jiffy.

We discussed the options with our client and asked her the various options of shipment and payment. We asked her if there was someone she knows in India who was travelling to USA so that we can ship Kamalahar to him/her and they can take Kamalahar to our client. She said she did not know anybody and would rather have the ayurvedic product Kamalahar shipped to her through courier or post. We were not sure if it will reach her. But we decided to give it a try and shipped Kamalahar to our client through an international courier even though we were not sure if it would reach her.

Finally after a wait of 10 days the shipment arrived at her door step and she has started to take Kamalahar, our best medicine for the treatment of liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc. We also asked her to do undergo liver function tests before she starts taking Kamalahar and after she takes it for two weeks so that we can track her progress and show it to her directly the improvements in her health. We got the reports after two weeks and as expected the report has started showing positive results. We are quite excited as so far we have only served patients in India but with this successful shipment to USA, the whole market of developed world has opened up for us.

I am looking forward to providing Kamalahar to needy people in USA, Canada and all the other countries. In fact if things work out as planned we will look forward to shipping our other Ayurvedic products too. We have started our campaign to reach out to people outside India and started to get query from people outside India. There are many people who suffer from liver disorders in all the countries of the world. Ayurvedic products of Khatore Pharmaceuticals are very cost effective as one bottle of thirty Kamalahar capsules cost less than three dollars. There is one catch that we are trying to figure out how to solve. The catch is currently the shipment cost to countries outside India is way more than the price of Khatore Pharmaceuticals ayurvedic products. But hopefully we will be able to bring it down in due course of time.

Myths and Facts About Milk

Another fantastic article from Mel Siff – taken from his Yahoo group, which still has enormous amounts of valid information its archives – check it out at or just grab the highlights at www.melsiff.com and then search through the various categories in the column on the left.

Milk advertisements have so long proclaimed that milk is a healthy food, that
it is a “complete food”, that it provides an excellent source of calcium, and
that one should drink it for preventing osteoporosis that most people believe
all of this to be true. On one side, we have been exposed to endless TV
commercials with healthy-looking people displaying parts of their faces
smothered with milk, and parents have come to believe the dairy industry
marketing claims to such as extent that most children are forced to drink
milk or have it on their morning cereals. Bodybuilders and many athletes
have been convinced that various milk derivatives such as whey serve as an
unrivalled source of highly concentrated protein.

On the other side, from the anti-milk lobby, we have heard that milk
consumption is associated with a great increase in the incidence of allergy,
stomach disorders, heart disease, cancer and various other diseases.

Who is correct? Can we really accept the biased proof of the healthful
aspects of milk from the huge dairy industry with its vested interests
everywhere? Equally well, can we trust that the anti-milk activists have not
grossly exaggerated the dangers of milk? Haven’t many of us, especially in
the strength and sporting world consumed huge quantities of milk since our
earliest years, without any obvious ill-effects? Isn’t the greater incidence
of heart disease and allergy among those who drink milk not due to other
possible factors?

As a dedicated and passionate milk product lover, I was convinced for much of
my life that the anti-milk lobbyists were way off track and were probably a
bunch of skinny runts who never drank large quantities of milk to help in
their quest for size and strength. However, more recently I began to
discover that both factions may be correct. Yes, milk may be both good and
bad for you, whether you are “lactose intolerant” or not!

My first clues came when I noticed how differently I responded to drinking
raw milk and pasteurised milk back in S Africa, then later when I drank milk
in the USA. I always found that certified raw milk tasted better, was very
easily digested even in large volume, and never putrefied when left
unrefrigerated, but simply became pleasantly sour, like a good yoghurt. I
simply could not understand why I consistently could not tolerate milk in
amounts greater than a cupful in the USA, until I noticed that the milk that
I drank in S Africa separated into a thick creamy layer at the top, unlike
the far less palatable milk in the USA. Then I noticed that all the milk
that I bought in the USA was “homogenized” and also found out that the
pasteurization process here may not be carried out under the same heating
conditions as my sources in S Africa.

I also noted that the milk here does not and cannot go sour, but putrefies
and becomes impossible to drink after a few days out of the refrigerator,
suggesting that it contains none of the natural bacteria which allow it to
become sour and palatable.

My feint suspicions grew far stronger that milk of itself may not be the
problem. Instead the way in which it is prepared may be the real problem, as
is the case with all other foods. That would explain quite simply why and
others have responded so differently to raw milk, pasteurised milk and
*pasteurised and homogenized* milk – clearly the processing involved must be
playing a central role in the whole affair. That should be not at all
surprising, since we all know that other foods can be overcooked, dried out
when reheating after storage in the refrigerator, become tough by poor
preparation or marinating, taste very different when microwaved compared with
roasted, and so forth. Often the digestibility can also be profoundly
affected by the manner of preparation. Why should milk be any different?

Before I go any further, here are some technical details about pasteurisation
and homogenization:

Now, the major rationale behind pasteurisation is that it eliminates the risk
of contracting TB (tuberculosis), but the statistics have never shown that
pasteurised milk is any safer than certified raw milk. On the contrary,
studies have shown that pasteurised milk often contains a percentage of pus
from the cow’s udders (at least it is pasteurised!).

If one wishes to use certified raw milk in many States in the USA, you just
do not have that freedom of choice, because it is often legislated against on
the grounds of health risk. I cannot begin to understand or accept this
reasoning at all, because if the milk is certified, then it is TESTED for any
harmful bacteria. On the other hand, every single batch of pasteurised milk
is not tested, but merely ASSUMED to be bacteria-free after its heat
treatment. In the light of this, legislation against the sale of certified,
tested raw milk is illogical and suspect.

To help you understand more about the pros and cons of milk consumption, here
is a random collection of resources presenting myths and facts about milk in
its various forms:


Review of book Cohen “Milk the Deadly Poison”

Enter Robert Cohen, with rich experience in biological research and a risk
taker-one of his pursuits is mountain climbing. –.. Cohen divulged his
suspicions that the FDA’s approval of the bovine growth hormone represented
not only collusion between Monsanto and the FDA, but a cover-up of epic
proportions by the scientific establishment. His three-year fact-finding
journey proved him chillingly right.

Reading this book, you will learn that milk contributes to heart disease and
increases your risk of breast cancer. You will learn that milk is a poor
source of calcium and why, and that milk is a prime cause of allergies and
much more. You will learn that milk can even kill your infant.

Cohen doesn’t expect you to accept these shocking findings on faith. He
takes you by the hand as he uncovers layers of scientific fraud perpetuated
by the FDA, with assistance from JAMA, Science News, and even the Cadillac of
scientific publications, Science. In digging for scientific facts, Cohen
found that the web of deception concerning the bovine growth hormone involved
not only key players- FDA and Monsanto -but reached members of Congress as
well as a respected medical authority turned Monsanto lobbyist. At times
this book reads like a detective story–.


The Effect of Processed Milk on Calves

I am a retired Veterinarian; I doctored horses and cattle for 25 years and
then I did only the Small Animals. The article I read in Discover Magazine
on milk brought back many memories. When the farmers kept a milk cow on the
farm to feed the weaner calves, there were few digestive problems. But when
no dairy cows were available they went to the local store and got “Store
Bought” milk for the calves to drink. Soon the calves died with diarrhea. I
thought milk was milk but I soon found out that the Pasteurized and
Homogenized milk could not be digested by these calves. Homogenization broke
the fat globule into such a small bit that it wouldn’t curd in the stomach
and passed directly into the small intestine where it created severe
inflammation. I called it toxic enteritis. I learned to treat these cases
with Goats milk which has the largest fat globule of any milk found on the
farm. The calves made a quick recovery if the patient hadn’t gotten too

I too drank a lot of milk when we milked cows on the farm. I never Had any
adverse effects from drinking a quart or more at one time. When I went on to
college and I was using “store bought milk” I got so I drank very little milk
and what I did drink reacted in my system like a poison. I was told I was
allergic to milk. Now 50 years later, a friend, who has a milk cow out in
the country, asked me if I could use some milk. I accepted and for three
years now I can drink milk like I did when I lived on the farm. I have no
adverse side effects. This milk is raw milk, also not Homogenized. The only
other question I have to answer has to do with the effect pasteurization has
on the natural enzymes. The destruction of these during the pasteurization
process could effect the digestibility of milk.


Myths and Deceptions about Raw Milk:

Research and Other Articles on Raw Milk:

The Crime against Raw Milk

The Dangers of Processed Milk:

Milk – The Perfect Food?



should create some interesting controversy among medical circles during the
next several months. Peter Elwood, director of the Epidemiology Unit at
Landough Hospital in Penarth, South Glamorgan, dropped a bombshell. His
ongoing life-style study of 5000 men produced some startling and very
unpopular findings. He discovered that men who drank the most full-fat milk
and ate butter (rather than margarine) had a lower risk of suffering from
heart attacks! (New Scientist 1991; 129(1759):17) –..

In 1929, Dr. J.E. Crewe with the Mayo Foundation reported “uniformly
excellent” success using raw milk in treatment programs for high blood
pressure, heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, prostate problems and
tuberculosis. He later stated that the only problem with using raw milk to
treat these ailments was that it was too simple. As such, it didnt appeal to
the medical profession. Only raw milk seemed to be of benefit. Pasteurized
forms seemed to make most conditions worse->


Top Ten Reasons why Milk is not the Perfect food:

1. It’s a great source of unwanted antibiotics.

2. Ditto for recombinant bovine growth hormone.

3. Eighty percent or more of the world’s people are lactose-sensitive or

4. The homogenization process (which allows the fat to stay in suspension, so
that the cream, for example, doesn’t rise to the top) makes the fat and the
cholesterol more subject to oxidation (and therefore free-radical

5. The nations that consume the most milk also, incidentally, have the
highest rates of oesteoporosis.

6. The top 10 reasons why you should drink it have been brought to you by the
dairy industry, not by independent assessors.

7. It is very high in phosphorus, which is a calcium antagonist, so the
calcium in it is not particularly well absorbed.

8. The calcium-magnesium ratio is not particularly good.

9. It is one of the top allergens, probably the number one allergen for
children, and it is filled with (milk) sugar.

10. Calcium is not as well absorbed in the absence of some fat; hence skim
milk is an even worse choice-..


FDA Cover-up about certain aspects of Milk Industry


This and many other sources have convinced me that the effects of milk on the
body are very significantly altered by pasteurisation and homogenization, and
that the understanding of and consumption of milk simply on the basis of its
macronutrient and micronutrient analysis can be seriously misleading. It is
high time that the public were educated about the difference between safe
certified raw milk and the highly processed product that they buy from the
average supermarket. It would appear that many of the adverse side-effects
of milk consumption, even with a full fat content, have far more to do with
the aggressive processing of the product than any inherent -unhealthiness’.

The Best Dental Clinic In Beverly Hills

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Canton Oh Sports Medicine Provided Specially For The Players

Medicine is one of the major needs of the people as in every aspect the medicine is being acquired by the people. For every treatments and diseases the medicines are being used and therefore there are various industries of medicines where the manufacturing of the medicines is being done. If you residing in the Canton which is in Ohio that is one of the state in USA and searching for the Sports medicine then you must go for the excellent services which are offered in the Canton oh sports medicine and they are highly preferred too.

For different diseases different medicines are being manufactured with all the required ingredients which are being needed for the treatment of the diseases and for this there are different branches in the medical science and the doctor have to specialized in that. There are various fields for which the separate medicines are being made so that according to the need of the problems the medicines can be provided. For sports also there are separate packages of medicines which are being provided and in these packages all the medicines which can be required by the players in the ground are being provided which helps the people to get the needed treatments in the ground itself.

Canton oh sports medicine is being manufactured in the industries with all the ingredients inside it which help the players to get required medicine in the ground while suffering from problems. It had been found generally that the sports person may have the typical injury and can need surgery but it is very painful and long process and it is not easy to set the bones again exactly the previous one. When there is an injury in knees or in hips then its surgery is quite devastating and needs the prolonged as well as painful recovery periods and therefore, it is essential for the one to take the experienced services.

There are separate doctors who are being hired for sports as to provide the treatment to the players at the time emergency and extreme need. These doctors provide canton oh sports medicine to the players through which the player gets the medicine and the required treatment at ground itself. All the sports doctors are experienced in providing the treatment on the spot so that the player can get the relief from the injury or problem while playing on the ground.

Medicare Electric Wheelchair – Types Of Electric Wheelchairs Medicare Pays For In The Usa

You can’t even leave the house these days without seeing an electric wheelchair strolling somewhere down the sidewalks in a large US city! What a way to get around! If you are thinking of getting reimbursed from Medicare for your new electric wheelchair, then listen up!

You will be able to get reimbursed by Medicare if you have it or if you are planning to getting on Medicare in the USA. That is the great news! Of course only you can decide after consulting with your doctor what type of power wheelchair would be best for you and for your disability type.

However, I will list below the seven types of wheelchair that Medicare will reimburse, so you will have a good grasp of what you might like.

Light wheelchair

These are getting really popular these days. Not only because they are less expensive, but also because they are more manageable. And you can take them easily on a road trip, or drive them to your favorite out-of-town place.

Bariatric wheelchair

Bariatric wheelchair is a power wheelchair that has been reinforced for use by people who are heavier than 200 lbs typically. A bariatric wheelchair has the capacity of up to 500 lbs or more. Because of their sturdier construction, they might be better usable on rough roads even if you are not overweight.

Folding wheelchair

When you can fold your wheelchair, you will save yourself storage space. That is great if you live in a small apartment where every square inch counts. These are also great for a “travel” wheelchair as they fit nicely in the trunk of your car!

Fixed frame wheelchair

These are usually a bit bulkier but more sturdy than the folding power wheelchairs. They can still be broken down for storage, but not as easily.

Reclining wheelchair

The reclining wheelchair is not for everyone. First, in can cost $7,000 or more. Because it has an extra engine, you can control the recline or the tilt, and turn it from a chair into a nice bed. Think about the possibilities! You could take a nap in the park, bringing your own comfortable bed with you! But the main reason you would want a power tilt wheelchair is in case you need to go lighter on your blood pressure. It has been shown that in a tilted or reclined position, the blood pressure in your legs can be reduced significantly.

The Easy Route To Medical Schools Or Dental Schools In Europe

EuroMed, one of the nations oldest and most reputable study abroad providers. We are a growing organization that helps hundreds of students each year to study medicine abroad or to study dentistry abroad at leading medical universities and dental universities from all over the old continent.

With more than 90 programs in 31 cities to study in europe, EuroMed is dedicated to broadening our global reach and continuing our commitment to offering students outstanding european universities options coupled with every-day opportunities for cultural immersion.

EuroMed is composed of an academic consortium of more than 249 leading european medical universities. EuroMed consortium members assist with academic policy for EuroMed, and have the opportunity to participate in various EuroMed committees.

EuroMed holds an annual conference each year for its members to discuss topics related to the field of study abroad and study overseas, including medical schools and dental schools standards and assessment, faculty and program development, and how to maximize the academic, personal, and professional benefits of study abroad. Unlike most study abroad providers, EuroMed also employs a full-time Dean of Students, who establishes and overseas our health and safety guidelines, and consults with the EuroMed Centers to maintain high standards of safety.

We also offer assistance for personal statement and interview preparation for a place at UK Medical School or Dental School for those students sitting A/AS levels for the first time or as re-sit candidates.
EuroMed is comprised of doctors, dentists and profesors from around the world. We have worked together for many years winning places in Medicine & Dentistry for many European students who were unsucessful at gaining a place for medicine/dentistry at their first attempt. All began their chosen Univeristy Course, both within and outside Britain, and began their chosen degree course that same academic year.
We are very proud of our continued success and expansion, ever since we were first established. We have recently been fortunate to gain the assistance of two university professors from Slovakia and Poland.
We cater for applicants that may not hold a degree in a scientific field and also for those who have a non-scientific background. These applicants should apply to the pre-med courses offered. The minimum age for application is 17 years of age.

All applicants that contact EuroMed are likely to secure a place at a Medical or Dental School in Europe.
EuroMed offers the opportunity to study medicine abroad or to study dentistry abroad:
Medical/Dental degree taught in English within Europe. Graduates would be allowed to work immediately in UK or anywhere else in Europe inc USA and Canada without having to complete an entry exam. Degrees are GDC and GMC recognised.
in a country where living expenses are cheaper on an international scale
with the reassurance that your career is being helped by us before, during and after graduation
……all this and peace of mind.
At this moment, EuroMed accepts applications for the following European Universities:
study abroad in Pcs
study abroad in Szeged
study abroad in Comenius
study abroad in Kosice
study abroad in Charles
study abroad in Brno
study abroad in Krakow
study abroad in Lublin
We can also accept an early study abroad application from students that wish to hold a place at a european university as a back-up option, should they not win a place at their chosen Medical school or at their choose Dental school at their first attempt
For admission to study medicine abroad or to study dentistry abroad, into any of our listed European Universities, applicants must have completed secondary school education and performed up to AS-level.
All selected applicants must pass a 2 hour 30 minute multiple-choice examination paper, invigilated by the professors of the medical school or of the dental school, consisting of Chemistry and Biology topics. A list of examination topics will be provided by EuroMed to you, hence early study abroad application is advisable. Each student will then be interviewed by the teaching professors. Students must succeed in both exam and interview to secure a place.
All successful applicants will be issued a formal acceptance document issued from the medical or dental school immediately after the interview.

At EuroMed all interview courses are run by very experienced medical and dental tutors with in-depth knowledge of the ST interview process, communication skills and NHS issues.
EuroMed is pleased to announce that we are offering scholarships to those students who intend to study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe.

The scholarship will be awarded to those students who, in the opinion of our representative, have contributed most to their community, over the last 12 months.

The scholarship will be granted to students who are commencing their studies in September.

Health Care Reform, Now What


Who is Mike Shaw?

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Mike Shaw I am an Insurance Professional with over 30 years of first hand experience of marketing Medical Insurance in the USA, and marketing “Private Medical
Insurance” as it is known in the UK. I believe my back ground as a small business man and a regular patient of the “One payer” delivery system in the UK enables me to offer you a totally different perspective on the effects of the new legislation.
My experience includes 15 years in the Southern California market, marketing predominantly Group Medical Insurance to “small business” employing 2 to 50 employees.
However in the UK my focus was on “Blue Chip” household names such as Coca Cola, Bristol Myer Squib, Air France and Solomon Brothers were listed amongst my hundreds of clients.

So why, you may wonder would Major Company’s who are mandated to pay significant subscriptions via high taxes to fund “The National Health Service” (The National Health Service as it is known in the UK?) want or need to purchase additional private Insurance to cover their employees?
When we approached prospective clients with our privatized insurance products the business owners sighted many reasons as to why there was an urgent need for an alternative delivery system to supplement the inefficient and out dated “socialized system”
Our clients were looking for a solution to the challenges of attracting and retaining high quality employees in competitive markets. Consequently it was never a difficult decision for the decision maker to purchase privatized products.

The employers most common concerns and complaints about the NHS were, out dated facilities, old out dated equipment and the lack of qualified staff. Even though there was agreement that access to urgent or emergency care was “adequate” Employers were seeking a more efficient delivery system for their employee medical care for non-urgent or emergency care.
The second and most pressing need stated was to enable employees to gain access to needed health care for treatment that they were currently unable access in a timely manner due to excessive wait periods within the NHS system.
The wait periods frequently lead to employees being absent from work totally disabled or being unable to perform his/her job efficiently, while waiting for what are termed “elective or selective” treatment.
Typically, the wait periods for elective treatments could be up to several years. Treatments deemed to be elective or selective include hip replacements, knee replacements. Even the treatment of mild heart attacks could be considered as elective!

Ironically due to the continued lengthening of the wait periods for treatments the current trend in the UK is for the government to contract with the many purpose built privately owned modern and efficient facilitys that now are being established. The privately owned organizations reflect the improvement found in the latest equipment and modern facilitys. These facility’s are well equipped and adequately staffed to take over the treatment of people who are currently on the NHS wait list for “elective procedures” Generally the wait period for these facilitys is measured in weeks and some times days!

So with the move towards “socialized medicine” or “a one payer system” here in the USA what effect and impact will the Health Care Reform bill have on individuals and business owners ability to have timely access health care here in the USA?
The Health Care Reform bill also referred to as “Obama Care” was signed into effect on March
23 rd 2010. So how will this massive piece of legislation impact the way US citizens
purchase and utilize Health Care and Health Insurance for the next decade and beyond? Time will tell, but make no mistake this legislation will effect everyone, Individuals and Business owners a like and will have a significant impact on how we as individuals and business owners manage the cost of and access to health care.
Time alone will tell whether or not “Obama Care” will follow the same path as the English system on which it was modeled? The irony is the NHS has turned full circle and is now looking to the private sector to solve its most pressing problems!
For readers who are interested, I have written a series of five articles in which I will cover the time line and the implications of any non compliance with the laws applicable within
“The Health Care Reform” bill.

Dental Tourism Malaysia

Medical tourism is fast gaining momentum and acceptance from both patients and providers. More and more number of patients are traveling from all around the world to travel for medical Tourism procedures, may it be cosmetic / plastic surgery or heart and cardiac procedures, procedures for infertility or gynecology. One of the well known medical tourism procedures is dental procedure.

Dental tourism has brought a lot of medical travel tourists from all around the world to Malaysia. Malaysia has a lot to, offer to these tourists, Its not just the cost of dental procedures but the quality of care provided, the ease and competency of medical professionals in the faculty dental procedures. Dental tourism Malaysia has patients from UK, Australia, Newzealand and as far as USA and other EU countries. International patients come through medical tourism facilitators like,wellness visit web pages and others. These patients get so impressed that they send more patients and this phenomena is the most reliable marketing strategy in medical and dental tourism in Malaysia. It proves the quality of health care provided.

Medical Tourism or Dental Tourism as part of medical tourism in Malaysia, offers a wide range of procedures covered. Starting form orthodontics, periodontics to dental cosmetic procedures. The average costs of these procedures in Malaysia is half of this in USA and USA, some times even less than that. The overall expenses of all this medical travel or medical tourism trip may still be less costly than what it will cost in European country of USA.

Medical Tourism at Wellness Visit offers Damansara Specialist hospital, which is a world class hospital with experienced doctors in the field of cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery.KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital also has dental office of Dr Roslan Abdul Rahman who is experienced dental surgeon offering procedures related to orthodontica, periodontics, cosmetic dental surgery. Also at the dental clinic of Dr Roslan Abdul Rahman at Damansar Specialist Hospital patients can get dental braces, dental implants, dentures and other dental devices to get some cost effective and affordable dental packages. To contact for dental procedures in Malaysia please visit at wellness visit web page and fill the basic contact form, and Wellness Visit team will contact in 24 hours to send replies, quotes of the procedures, ways and means to make it possible to get affordable health care packages in Malaysia.

Medicare Part B And Its Eligibility

Medicare Part B eligibility is not difficult to figure out – all those who have eligibility for Part A are also entitled to Part B; all you have to do is bear the excess expense by paying a monthly insurance premium. This particular amount could be drawn from your retirement benefits or the Social Security amount you will get.

If you have Part A: All people residing in the USA who’re eligible for Medicare Part A without any premium are also entitled to Part B as well. Then again, Medicare Part B eligibility doesn’t really extend to the people residing in Puerto Rico. You need to understand an essential point here, Medicare coverage under Part B isn’t compulsory. This is usually a voluntary plan, and to receive coverage within this, you have to pay a monthly premium contrary to the Part A coverage that comes free of cost.

For those who do not have Part A: Even persons who don’t have Part A coverage can certainly decide on Medicare Part B as long as they satisfy a few Medicare eligibility requirements. For one, they should be citizens of the United States. Even non-citizens are eligible, provided they have been admitted following all the specified legal requirements and have resided in the US for five years or more. Secondly, people who are aged 65 years and above are eligible for Medicare Part B. Even if you do not have Part A, you can qualify for the Part B by filling out the necessary paperwork and remitting the monthly premium specified by the insurance provider.

Why Choose Part B?

Medicare Part A provides medicare coverage for hospitalization expenses. However, there can be many circumstances when you may require additional care at home or at a health care facility or a hospital on an outpatient basis. Say you have a minor accident that causes you a sprain – you may not need to be hospitalized, but you may require an X-ray to rule out a fracture, a visit to the physician to obtain a prescription for painkiller medication, or physical therapy for a few days to deal with the pain and inflammation. In such cases, having Medicare Part B is crucial if you wish to keep your health care expenses low.

If you have overlooked the fact that you have Medicare Part B eligibility and not chosen this plan in the beginning, you can still enroll for it. All you need is to fill out the prescribed Medicare application and provide the necessary documentation along with the monthly premium amount. Of course, you need to pay a slightly higher amount as this premium when you enroll late and not in the initial stage.

Dental Problems Worldwide And Its Solutions

What will you do if you have to shell out thousands of dollars every year on dental procedures, check ups, treatment, and consultation for yourself and your family? Yes you surely want toright? Well there is never a case when people do not want to save money especially in these recession times. But first, you should know the overall scenario and the actual benefits a plan offers.

In October 2008, The University of South Carolina released a study related to the dental problems, ailments, and natural obstacles faced by American children. The study also covered all the aspects of the current level of dental treatment provided to these children. The results were astonishing as 25 percent of children in US were estimated to not receive dental care last year. Imagine, sucha plight in a developed country like USA. The study also showed that African-American and Hispanic children were the worst losers with regards to dental coverage which is an alarming statistic in itself.

Children are the first sacrificial lambs to neglect due to the high cost of dental procedures. It is a tragedy that such a high number of children go without dental insurance or any other dental coverage.

The reality is that there are standard types of dental plans available for consumers to choose from and save on dental health. But many people are unaware of such plans and do not know if they can save on their dental expenses or not. Many people make the mistake of thinking that getting their teeth fixed is easy. Many resort to the traditional medium of dental insurance to solve their problems. They think that one just has to go and see an insurance agent, offline or online, and buy dental insurance. But, just like any other type of insurance, dental insurance does not cover any pre-existing condition and that is really bad.

It has been seen repeatedly that dental insurance plans have limitations on the number of dental visits, radiographs (X-rays) and treatments that are covered, and other services like cosmetic dental procedures may be excluded.

The percentage of Americans with untreated cavities began rising this decade, reversing a half-century trend of improvement in dental health.

In 2006, a study revealed that Arkansas children have the worst teeth in the USA, closely followed by California. According to the new study, over 70% of third graders in California suffer or have suffered from tooth decay. Hispanics and children from poorer families have the highest levels of tooth decay.

The study carried out by The Dental Health Foundation and officials said the problem is very closely linked to low income and ethnicity. They said that even though tooth decay was lower among children from higher income families, even there it was much higher than expected.

Tooth decay has been cited by both the reports as the single most common chronic childhood malady. Hence it is important for various agencies to support the cause and stress on the need for children to have good dental coverage during this developmental period in their lives. Due to negligence many children had to suffer from several oral health infections. Lack of dental services and treatment can also lead children to lack of self-esteem, depression, and constant interference with their routine activities.