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Why the Healthcare Sysg tem is LettinYou Down

Why the Healthcare System is Letting You Down As a practicing nutritionist, I’m used to purchasers visiting me with a typical scenario: they have had some awareness of ‘eating healthy’ and have paid some, or typically no, attention to this. Their health has gradually or suddenly deteriorated and they need sought the help of a medical professional. At some purpose, they have decided to seek ‘complementary’ help from me, either plus or rather than the medication their doctors have prescribed. It is this reliance on the healthcare system that plays a large role within the high variety of diseases prevalent in Western cultures, in my opinion. Many people ignore pointers concerning eating right, using supplements and exercising frequently, till their health begins to fail. Then they place their trust in a very healthcare system that is understaffed, underfunded and grossly underperforming. While this perspective towards health can permit someone to enjoy additional hamburgers or soft drinks, usually for many years, it’s one that will ultimately value a person their most precious asset: their health. Arthritis is a smart example. By the age of 60, nine out of 10 folks will suffer from arthritis, an agonisingly painful health downside that drastically reduces a person’s quality of life. The key to easing arthritis is to cut back inflammation, and there are safe, natural merchandise that can achieve this. The healthcare system, however, can advocate anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis sufferers, and these medicine can successfully reduce the pain and swelling. Therefore, if a drug achieves the same result, why should an individual put in the effort to find a natural various? Particularly in the UK, where the NHS offers subsidised and usually even freed from charge medical prescriptions, where is the incentive to pay money on natural alternatives? Well, the anti-inflammatory medication (both steroidal and non-steroidal categories) truly speed up the progression of the person’s arthritis, leading to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication changing into a $30 billion trade in the US – $seventeen billion for the medicine themselves and $13 billion for treating the facet effects caused by the drugs. If this is often the best your healthcare system can supply you if you develop arthritis, do you really want to place them in sole control of maintaining or restoring your health? Arthritis isn’t a one off. Breast cancer, as an example, continues to be accounting for a third of all female cancers and resulting in around 12,000 deaths every year. And however we are led to believe that the survival rate has increased over the past thirty years. The truth is that science has improved and it’s possible to diagnose cancer earlier. Cancer sufferers don’t seem to be living any more, we tend to are simply conscious of the disease at an earlier stage. In fact, many consultants have found that breast cancer is occurring not solely additional frequently, however earlier in several women’s lives than it did twenty years ago. And what causes cancer? Dr John Lee, a medical knowledgeable, believes the key cause of breast cancer is excessive oestrogen that the body fails to balance with progesterone. This case will be caused by stress, that raises levels of cortisol, a hormone which competes with progesterone. It will additionally be caused by xenoestrogens, that are commonly found within the surroundings in sources like pesticides and plastics. Even additional worrying given many folks’s diets, it can be caused by insulin resistance, that is the result of a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. Nonetheless another reason why following a healthy diet is a sensible idea. But say you decided to move towards insulin resistance and excessive oestrogen led to a breast cancer diagnosis in the long run – you may depend on the doctors, right? Well, the healthcare system continued to prescribe unopposed oestrogen to girls on HRT for many years despite terribly clear proof of the risks of doing thus! Get smart. Take responsibility for your own health right now. Use the healthcare system because the last resort it’s meant to be, not an insurance policy to eat as you like. PS – Please, don’t fall into the trap of believing that if you have no symptoms of ill health, you’re healthy. Cancer cells take between five-30 years to grow within the body before they will be detected. It is never too early to require responsibility for your health.

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Phlebotomy Training Course At Maxis Healthcare

Phlebotomy is the rapidly growing medical career trend in UK and if you are looking to acquire quality training for Phlebotomy here is the best way to discover where to go?
Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood with either testing or transfusion. It’s a skill employed by physicians and lots of professionals in allied health fields, including medical assistants, paramedics, and clinical laboratory scientists. However most employers would rather employ certified professionals. Medical care is a rapidly expanding industry, plus a new professional, the certified phlebotomist, reduces the workload of doctors and nurses by focusing exclusively on blood collection, particularly in hospitals and blood drives.Maxis health care offers The Amazingly Simple Phlebotomy Competency Certification Course That’s Helping Dozens of Men and Women Achieve Their Dream Of Becoming a Phlebotomist. The amazing course is split into 2 Parts. Part I is Theory & Dry Lab Training. You’ll Learn Phlebotomy Basics & Practice on Mannequins. Part II of the course is in a medical facility where you take bloods from real patients under supervision. Receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY when you pass. Courses meet All 18 NHS Competencies recommended by the NHS Skills for Health Organizations, National Occupational Standards & Pathway to Competency’. Course material has been developed by NHS senior phlebotomists. Maxis health care is The First & Only Phlebotomy Training Company in the UK to Offer Students a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee You Can Bank On. Here’s a promise that No-One (!!!) else in the whole Phlebotomy Training business offers We want you to know that all risk is on us and you have nothing to worry about. We stand firm behind our standard of training because we have had so many success stories. We take over 99% of students all the way from having Zero Knowledge to becoming Competent in Phlebotomy, even enough to go and get a phlebotomist job. Now state sections of well being services are trying to find phlebotomists. So, receiving a certification may offer you an excellent career. We are 100% interested in your satisfaction and positive experience so we put our money where our mouth is.
Maxis Healthcare established since 2005, and offer courses for medical and non medical students. We at Maxis are passionate about giving people the essential practical and theoretical experience and knowledge so they can develop new careers or develop their existing career paths. This philosophy is reflected in our training modules which combine real life work experience with classroom education. We achieve this by hiring the right teachers and trainers specialized and experienced in the skills they are training, and then working together with these trainers to develop course modules that are wrapped around the most essential skills needed to become outstanding’ in that job. Our premier course “1 Day Fast Track Intensive Phlebotomy” is taught by practitioners who are practicing phlebotomy within the NHS on a daily basis and the entire course was developed with their input.

Health Care For Eyes Regain Excellent Eye Sight

A simple eye care treatment can mean the difference between enjoying years of great vision, and the loss of sight. When you think about what it would mean to you if you could not see it quickly brings into perspective how important the health of your eyes really is.
Saving Your Eyesight
Taking eyesight for granted is something that many people are guilty of. It is not until age creeps up on you that you release how your sight has changed, and the little writing you could once see is now turned into an illegible blur. Perhaps you once could see for miles and enjoy the views, yet now the view is not so clear. These are very common issues which can result in the need to wear glasses or contact lenses throughout the entire day and night.
Some conditions can grow worse in time which is an extremely worrying prospect. Cataracts are one of the most common eye ailments in the over fifties and can result in the complete loss of vision. Thankfully just like being short or long sighted, it is possible to reverse this condition with cataracts surgery.
Take Care of All the Irregularities in One Go
Unlike other cataract removal surgeries the lens replacement is able to solve other problems and not just the cataract. The other point to note is that if you are replacing your lenses even if you do not have cataracts, you will be stopping them from ever forming as the replacement lenses will not age like you natural lenses do.
What is the Process?
The first thing you will need to do is arrange to meet with a specialist consultant. You have to go to one of the specialists eye hospitals which offer this procedure. There you will be told all about the process and have your eyes examined. This is because not everyone has the same problems, and it will be necessary to discover which of the intraocular lenses you will need in order to improve your eye sight.
At the consultation you have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. It is a good idea to ask about the possible side effects that you may experience and any concerns that you have so dont hold back. The consultation is free, although the rest of the procedure will require paying for. It is possible to have some of the cost paid for by your medical insurers only if you are having cataracts removed. The insurers will not pay for the whole procedure as you have the choice to go for this type of surgery or not, it is not actually required.
After the consultation you will know if the lens replacement is a viable option for you. If so you will be sent an appointment where a NHS trained surgeon will work to improve your vision. The procedure takes about twenty minutes per eye and involves removing your old lens and replacing it with the specific lenses selected for you.
Have a Rest and Open Your Eyes
After the cataracts surgery you will be able to rest and recover. This takes most people around an hour as there is no general anaesthetic. The eyes are operated on after they have been anaesthetised using a simple eye drop so it does not take long before you feel ready to leave the hospital.
At home you may notice within a very short time period that you are able to see a lot better. Blurriness, double vision, cloudiness and long or short sightedness should be improved and eliminated. It may take over night before you are able to notice the differences, and it is a good idea to rest your eyes as much as possible once you get home after the treatment.
You will be able to continue your life the day after the surgery without any problems so you will not need to book any extra days off work. What is even better is the fact that from that morning onwards you will not need to insert the contact lenses or wear your glasses again.
It is important to consider health care for eyes. Cataracts surgery is one eye care treatment that is offered at specialist eye hospitals in the UK.

Health Care Reform, Now What


Who is Mike Shaw?

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Mike Shaw I am an Insurance Professional with over 30 years of first hand experience of marketing Medical Insurance in the USA, and marketing “Private Medical
Insurance” as it is known in the UK. I believe my back ground as a small business man and a regular patient of the “One payer” delivery system in the UK enables me to offer you a totally different perspective on the effects of the new legislation.
My experience includes 15 years in the Southern California market, marketing predominantly Group Medical Insurance to “small business” employing 2 to 50 employees.
However in the UK my focus was on “Blue Chip” household names such as Coca Cola, Bristol Myer Squib, Air France and Solomon Brothers were listed amongst my hundreds of clients.

So why, you may wonder would Major Company’s who are mandated to pay significant subscriptions via high taxes to fund “The National Health Service” (The National Health Service as it is known in the UK?) want or need to purchase additional private Insurance to cover their employees?
When we approached prospective clients with our privatized insurance products the business owners sighted many reasons as to why there was an urgent need for an alternative delivery system to supplement the inefficient and out dated “socialized system”
Our clients were looking for a solution to the challenges of attracting and retaining high quality employees in competitive markets. Consequently it was never a difficult decision for the decision maker to purchase privatized products.

The employers most common concerns and complaints about the NHS were, out dated facilities, old out dated equipment and the lack of qualified staff. Even though there was agreement that access to urgent or emergency care was “adequate” Employers were seeking a more efficient delivery system for their employee medical care for non-urgent or emergency care.
The second and most pressing need stated was to enable employees to gain access to needed health care for treatment that they were currently unable access in a timely manner due to excessive wait periods within the NHS system.
The wait periods frequently lead to employees being absent from work totally disabled or being unable to perform his/her job efficiently, while waiting for what are termed “elective or selective” treatment.
Typically, the wait periods for elective treatments could be up to several years. Treatments deemed to be elective or selective include hip replacements, knee replacements. Even the treatment of mild heart attacks could be considered as elective!

Ironically due to the continued lengthening of the wait periods for treatments the current trend in the UK is for the government to contract with the many purpose built privately owned modern and efficient facilitys that now are being established. The privately owned organizations reflect the improvement found in the latest equipment and modern facilitys. These facility’s are well equipped and adequately staffed to take over the treatment of people who are currently on the NHS wait list for “elective procedures” Generally the wait period for these facilitys is measured in weeks and some times days!

So with the move towards “socialized medicine” or “a one payer system” here in the USA what effect and impact will the Health Care Reform bill have on individuals and business owners ability to have timely access health care here in the USA?
The Health Care Reform bill also referred to as “Obama Care” was signed into effect on March
23 rd 2010. So how will this massive piece of legislation impact the way US citizens
purchase and utilize Health Care and Health Insurance for the next decade and beyond? Time will tell, but make no mistake this legislation will effect everyone, Individuals and Business owners a like and will have a significant impact on how we as individuals and business owners manage the cost of and access to health care.
Time alone will tell whether or not “Obama Care” will follow the same path as the English system on which it was modeled? The irony is the NHS has turned full circle and is now looking to the private sector to solve its most pressing problems!
For readers who are interested, I have written a series of five articles in which I will cover the time line and the implications of any non compliance with the laws applicable within
“The Health Care Reform” bill.

FDA Approve Botox Treatment for Pain Relief

FDA Approve Botox Treatment for Pain Relief

Botox. Botox. Botox. The word has hurled itself into our collective consciousness with all guns blazing over the last ten years or so. It also provokes strong opinions. Some see it as nothing short of a miracle while others remain wary and avoid it at all costs.

However, until relatively recently Botox has had all its eggs firmly in the anti-aging basket. It looks like that is all about to change.

During the past year a number of studies have been undertaken which have been concerned with documenting the use of Botox for chronic pain relief. The results are remarkable and broad reaching.

Now, some of you may remember this is not a totally new theory. Anybody recall how a number of A-listers started having the balls of their feet injected with Botox and filler in order that they could wear stratospheric heels all day/night with NO pain? In fact it became known as a Loub Job .. Now, when you bare in mind that the average price for a pair of Laboutins would cost more than the treatment itself it doesnt seem so silly, does it?

Anyhow, I digress, as these new findings have absolutely nothing to do with vanity or looking pretty. Ok, it has a little to do with looking pretty, and a whole lot to do with feeling ready to take on the challenges of a new day. Those of you that suffer from migraine headaches will understand what I mean. A migraine is a type of headache that may begin as a dull ache and then turn into a constant, throbbing pain, often felt on one side of the head. When you have a migraine, you may be sensitive to light and sound and experience nausea and/or vomiting. Even the tiniest chink of light escaping through the curtains is enough to force you to crawl to bed and curl up like a foetus under the duvet for hours on end.

A study in Scotland has shown that injecting Botox into various points in the head, shoulders and neck paralysis certain muscles, which in turn stops the pain signals from reaching the brain.

The results showed that what amounted to 19.1 days of migraines in a month was reduced by 8.2 days when using Botox. Further research is now being undertaken to determine how Botox may be able to replace steroids in certain conditions.

Furthermore, it may provide valuable pain relief for those with arthritis. Cancer sufferers could also benefit from having an alternative option, when morphine is becoming unbearable or addictive. With each treatment lasting around 4 months it is cost effective and could, ultimately, save the NHS millions.

Importantly, the FDA has just approved Botox for treatment of chronic migraines. This treatment is meant for those patients who experience 15 or more headache days per month with each headache lasting for 4 or more hours.

The injections would be given at 12-week intervals with a total of 31 injections in 7 specific sites over the head and neck. You no longer have to suffer hours of excruciating pain.

Nhs Dental Treatments By Osborne Dental Practice

What is NHS Treatments?

NHS (National Health Service) is the health system provided in UK. NHS provides wide range of services through community healthcare and hospital based care. NHS also provides the necessary and required information regarding disease prevention, care and rehabilitation. People in the UK have impressive improve due to NHS treatments. NHS also provides free medical treatment to several patients. There are various ways to get NHS treatments. One is to get treatment from General health practitioner and another at a hospital.

NHS Dental Treatments

NHS dental services are provided to have better access to local dental services with the simplifying structure of dental treatment charges. The dental charges vary from private dentist to NHS dentist. The NHS dental treatments charges are fixed by the country health department. Some treatments are not included in the NHS dental services. The charges may vary depending on the type of dental treatment needed. The standard NHS dental treatments charges ensure you that how much you need to pay. The treatment like white fillings, cosmetic surgery and dental implants are not available in NHS dental services. Teeth extraction, x-rays, denture repairs, root canal, repair of crowns and bridges are included in NHS dental treatments.

Free NHS dental treatment is given to those who:

1.Have HC2 certificate.
2.Are students under the age of 18.
3.Are pregnant or had a child in the last 12 months.
4.Are getting income support or family credit.
5.Are NHS inpatients.

NHS Treatment Charges for Outsiders

NHS treatment charges depend on whether you are British citizen or residing outside the UK. A person, who move abroad and are now permanent residence of some other country, has no right to have free NHS treatment. Free NHS treatment is given on the various conditions like purpose of your stay or residence in the UK, nature of the treatment required, immigration status etc. The visitors who are not ordinarily residents of UK are entitled to full NHS dental services only in case of emergency or if immediate treatment is required. You may ask many questions as part of the NHS dental services or hospital registration procedure. These includes living place in the last 12 months, your right to live in UK, date of arrival, purpose of your stay in UK and many more.

In some NHS services, you may be charged for treatment if you do not meet certain conditions. If you have to visit more than once to complete your treatment course, you need to pay only once dental charges. Before starting the treatment, dentist gives you a dental treatment plan which includes the complete details of the treatment and how much you have to pay. NHS dentist do not charge for removal of stitches, denture repair, to write out a prescription and to stop blood loss.

Osborne dental practice provides the high standard of dentistry with the full range of NHS dental services. People with low income can get free NHS dental treatment or treatment at a low cost. If you are not eligible for free care, you have to pay for NHS treatments UK. Our dentists treat you under the NHS with the help of latest technologies.

NHS Dentists Team at Osborne Dental Practice

The highly qualified and professional NHS dentists Newcastle provide effective NHS dental treatment to maintain your overall dental health.

1.Onkar Dhanoya- Onkar Dhanoya is working as a Principal Dental Surgeon in NHS practice from last 23 years. This NHS dentist Jesmond runs a private practice equipped with latest technology to provide complete dental treatment. He is also a member of various dental associations.

2.Max Wassef- Max Wassef has done his post graduation in MFDS RCS after the completion of graduation degree Kings College London in 2000. Max Wassef has expertise in various dental treatments including invisalign treatments, implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

3.Stephanie Durham- Stephanie Durham has attained her post graduate qualification in MFDS RCS from Royal college of Surgeons in 2005. She has also worked in several hospitals. She has great interest in cosmetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry and invisalign treatment.

4.Adele Jardine- Adele Jardine is working in Osborne dental practice and serves as NHS dentist North East since 2002. She has educational training and recognized qualification in cosmetic dentistry, invisalign treatment and non – surgical facial aesthetic treatments.

To find professional NHS dentist Newcastle, simply visit at which provides entire treatment plans.

Synergy Dental To Open Dental Surgery in Bolton

dental sedation bolton for nervous patients. He said:-People can access so many more services and treatments these days that there is no reason for anyone not to have good dental health.- “>Synergy Dental To Open Dental Surgery in Bolton, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings Bolton Clinic To Officially Launch at 274 Blackburn Road Bolton Dr Zuber Bagasi, believes that quality dental healthcare should be available to everyone and has dedicated his working life to achieve his goal. Dr Bagasi, current holder of -The Best Young Dentist Award- will be offering the best dental treatments available to the people of his hometown in Bolton as of 28th of January 2013. He says -Its a very proud moment for me and my family- to be able to achieve this dream. The original vision when i qualified as a young dentist was to open a clinic for my community and for the people of my hometown and to be able to give them the best possible care. To be able to give back to this town and community is a very proud moment. Synergy Clinic Bolton will be holding an opening launch program where the mayor of Bolton, Councillor Guy Harkin, will be snipping the red ribbon to officially open to the public. Dr Zuber Bagasi invites all that can make it to attend for refreshments and a viewing of the state of the art dental facilities on display at the clinic. Opening Launch & Party! The Bolton Clinic will be situated in the heart of town at 274 Blackburn Road, BL1 8DT. Community members are welcome to attend and register with the Award Winning Practice or call ahead to register on 01204 522090. Light refreshments will be on offer to all that arrive. Dental Patients Have Plenty To Smile About Clinical director to open new practice in his home town A dentist is opening a practice in his home town and taking on 300 new NHS patients. Dr. Zuber Bagasi, who lives in Lostock, already has Synergy Dental clinics in Birmingham, Blackpool, Bury and Paisley, near Glasgow, the latter two which were opened last year. The new Bolton clinic will be officially opened on January 28 by the Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton Cllr Guy Harkin and Colette Harkin. The Victorian premises of Blackburn road, has been used as a dental surgery since the 1940s. Dr. Bagasi said: -I am especially proud to finally have my own dental practice in Bolton. It feels like coming home. -we will be offering NHS registrations to 300 new patients with special attention to children. -Anyone can register in person between 11am and 1pm on the opening day.- The opening follows success for Dr. Bagasi in the North West Dentistry Awards where, for the second year running, the 30 year old clinical director was highly commended in the best young dentist award category. His Blackpool practice was also shortlisted for the best practice award. Dr. Bagasi trained in the midlands and has become well-known as a spokesman for the profession. He is a member of several dental committees and involved in the training and development of young dentists. He has a special interest in dental implants and has developed IT software for individual patient assessment as well as auto-generated preventive treatment plans. The new Blackburn road surgery, alongside NHS dental services, will also offer cosmetic treatments and dental implants, teeth whitening, facial aesthetics and Botox, along with veneers, crowns and bridges, and dental sedation bolton for nervous patients. He said:-People can access so many more services and treatments these days that there is no reason for anyone not to have good dental health.-

Get Immediate Dental Relief with Emergency Dental Aid

Have you ever experienced getting an unexpected toothache in the middle of the day? If you had, then you probably are very familiar with the pain and the suffering that you had to go through all throughout the day. And because most of the dentists only serve patients with appointments, getting relief would mean waiting for your appointment with your doctor. Pure torture, right? But did you know that you can break free from all that pain by simply availing of the service of an emergency dentist. These kinds of dentists give services to patients without having to wait for that long appointment date. But how do they work exactly? If you want to find out how then read on and learn!

For those of you living in London, this service can now be available to you in just a single call. If you need dental help but cannot wait for your next dental appointment, what you can do is call up the emergency dentist aid hotline number and get an emergency appointment from there. A medical staff will request for your primary information and will relay this message to an emergency dentist who is on call for that day. After this, you will be given the complete address and directions to the clinic that can entertain you on the same day.

Although you can always go to a private dentist, an emergency dentist aid is so much cheaper compared to the service of a private practitioner. And the dentists that are on call are guaranteed to be as good as the dentists in private practice. You are assured that these dentists are all qualified and licensed to practice dentistry. This way, you need not worry about getting less than the best dental aid that you ought to have.

So how can you avail of the service of an emergency dentist? Simple, these dentists are only a call away. If ever you need dental aid, all you need to do is to call up the National Health Service and they will be able to direct you to the nearest on available dentist in London. They can give you complete address details and even parking information to make sure that you get to the clinic the fastest time possible. And once you get to the dental clinic, be rest assured that you will be attended to as soon as possible.

And you need not worry about not being covered by insurance when you are availing the service of an emergency dentist and not your private dentist at the time. Most insurance plans cover both routine dental check ups and emergency dental aid as well.

So finally, you can say goodbye to the torture of waiting for that dental appointment just to get relief from toothaches, broken dentures or fractures teeth. You can now have immediate relief with the help of these emergency dentists. Simply give the NHS a call and they will be able to direct you to the nearest dental aid in your area.

Britons Go Abroad For Healthcare

Britons go abroad for healthcare.

While Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was out marching to protest against NHS plans to downgrade his local hospital in Chichester a few weekends ago aptly named St. Richards record numbers of Britons continue to fly abroad for medical treatment.

Last year Britons spent 60m on overseas treatments. Main reasons were lower prices, NHS waiting lists, a better choice of alternative medical treatments and cosmetic surgery clinics such as those in Marbella where many patients choose to combine procedures with a break in the sun to return home looking better on the outside and feeling better on the inside. With many increasingly concerned about the rise in hospital superbugs, more people are also choosing to recuperate overseas in a warmer climate following surgery.

Market researchers Mintel recently reported money spent by Britons going abroad for treatments will increase 150% by 2011. According to the survey a quarter of Britons would seriously consider recuperating abroad after an operation and one in eight would go overseas for surgery.

“This sector (medical tourism) is a thriving industry as a growing number of well-off baby boomers take their health needs into their own hands and pursue the elixir of eternal youth,” said Richard Cope, senior Mintel analyst.

But what happens when you fall ill abroad? One of the largest holiday resort companies on the Costa del Sol, Club La Costa, offers onsite medical care at its California Beach Resort near Mijas. Now, thanks to a new contract negotiated between the modern, high tech Xanit Hospital in Benalmadena which opened in 2006, and Club La Costa, the hospitals state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained medical staff are available to both CLC members and staff in Spain.

Richard Fletcher, Resort Director at Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels, said: Weve always made it a priority to have medical provision on site, but our new agreement with Xanit means that should any of our members need medical treatment while on holiday, not only do we have access to one of the top hospitals in southern Spain, its literally minutes away.

As for alternative therapies and keep-fit, Britons seem to be increasingly looking overseas for a better deal. Last year, Britons spent about 25m on going abroad for yoga holidays, holistic healing, health farms beauty treatments and spa visits, according to the Mintel report.

Spain is one of the most visited destinations in Europe for surgery, especially for patients who want to combine medical treatment with a wellness holiday; also popular are Hungary, Turkey, Germany and Poland.

How does emergency dental care work

You never know when you might require dental assistance, so it can really pay to arrange emergency treatment cover as part of your dental plan, as your standard cover may not extend to services carried out outside of daytime hours.

The ability to receive dental care at any time of the day or night is an even more important concern to many policyholders than the ability to receive their payments back, though the type of care you receive will depend on the policy you choose. If you opt for private dental insurance, you will have priority access to some of the most highly qualified specialists in the field, whereas a standard policy may only extend to NHS treatments.

Attempting to perform emergency treatments yourself is rarely advisable, and could sometimes lead to more serious problems or permanent disfigurement if handled incorrectly. If you experience a serious problem, such as having one or more of your teeth being knocked out, it’s wise to consult help immediately. However, if you feel your dental issue is relatively minor, such as a toothache that may be caused by an infection or wisdom teeth, carrying out research online or in relevant books could help you reduce the pain and stop the issue worsening until you’re able to be seen by a professional. If your issue is more serious, you may want to consider heading to the accident and emergency department of your nearest hospital.

At present, there are still relatively few emergency dentists operating outside of normal hours, but you should find it easier to gain access to these specialists when arranging your dental insurance. The cost of emergency dental care will typically be higher than that of standard treatments, but depending on your cover you may be able to reclaim most or all of this money back. It’s usually the case, however, that delaying dental care until a situation worsens will end up costing a great deal more than it would if remedied at an earlier stage – not to mention being less painful and invasive.

As well as helping to fund the cost of dental treatments, dental insurance can also help you receive dental assistance when living or travelling overseas, and provide a cash sum of up to 10,000 for diseases such as oral cancer, depending on your provider and level of insurance chosen. These plans can be paid monthly to make dental care a more affordable and convenient option, and ensuring you receive priority treatment when you need it most.

The author of this article is a part of a digital blogging team who work with brands like Boots Insurance. The content contained in this article is for information purposes only and should not be used to make any financial decisions.