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Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences – General Information!

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental sciences have been opened in 1991 and have continued to make an important contribution to society by providing responsible students with dental science degrees. The college always utilizes the best infrastructure and faculty to provide modern standards of dental education. The college provides both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses that extend for 5 years and 3 years simultaneously. This institution strives to maintain a small student to teacher ratio to make the students interact with teachers more and clear their doubts in the minds. New gadgets are utilized to teach the students the surgical procedure in modern dentistry and they are encouraged to mingle with senior students to know more on the subjects of study. Cooperative mode of learning makes the learning more understandable and successful.

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences provide students to handle all the modern equipments required for proper understanding of the dental surgeries. They can go to the adjoining dental hospital to see actual procedures being done by doctors and assist them during the internship period. This university has earned affiliation from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences of Karnataka and recognized by the Dental Council of India. Parents are welcomed during discussions for their suggestions for bettering the standards of the institution. The average fees for studying here is 2 lacs for every course but you will get a proper and well established future with this sort of spending money.ey.

Dayananda Sagar college of Dental Sciences, Bangalore takes students who have completed at least 17 years of age in 31st December of the year he wishes to get admission. The students have to sit for a common entrance test conducted from the Karnataka government or CPMEDK test and got some ranking. The eligible candidates must have passed the 10+ 2 level of board examinations with 50% marks in Physics, chemistry and Biology. The entire timing of the course must occur within the campus and the students are required to stay in hostels if they are from other states. Local students can avail buses or college transport to visit lectures and classes every day.

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore teaches students step by step in every year of study having a perfect curriculum for each year. The first two years are vital as preclinical basics are taught to understand the dental sciences well and practice clinical skills on the patient models in slow and steady manner. The following two years are important as students come in close contact with actual situations of patients and get an opportunity to prevent and take precautions about dental problems. They can actually see things as they have studied in books and seen in models before. Internship period is very interesting and helps one to develop the confidence of handling real cases.

First Successful Shipment Of The Hepatitis Ayurvedic Product Kamalahar To A Developed Country

Finally the first shipment of the Ayurvedic product Kamalahar to United States has happened. The product was send to an old lady who has been suffering from viral hepatitis C. Our client said that she did not want to take western medicine and instead wanted to go for alternative medicine as there is no cure for hepatitis C in western medicine.

The way it started was quite interesting. One fine morning Khatore Pharmaceuticals received an email in the customer support email id, requesting about the product that is very good for liver disorders and viral hepatitis C. At that time Khatore Pharmaceuticals had not yet setup the logistics for shipment of the products to USA or for that matter any country outside India. The company was still putting things in place for the online store for shipments of ayurvedic products in India. Till last year, i.e. 2010, the company was only doing direct selling through chemists and stores in eastern part of India. Finally we decided to go online to expand our reach to patients all over India and finally to the people who are suffering from liver disorders in the whole world. But we had thought we might just be focused on India market for some time to come. But after the email and a request from her that she has been suffering from quite some time and does not want
to use the allopathic medicines (in which anyways there is currently no cure for Hepatitis C) we decided to setup the things in a jiffy.

We discussed the options with our client and asked her the various options of shipment and payment. We asked her if there was someone she knows in India who was travelling to USA so that we can ship Kamalahar to him/her and they can take Kamalahar to our client. She said she did not know anybody and would rather have the ayurvedic product Kamalahar shipped to her through courier or post. We were not sure if it will reach her. But we decided to give it a try and shipped Kamalahar to our client through an international courier even though we were not sure if it would reach her.

Finally after a wait of 10 days the shipment arrived at her door step and she has started to take Kamalahar, our best medicine for the treatment of liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc. We also asked her to do undergo liver function tests before she starts taking Kamalahar and after she takes it for two weeks so that we can track her progress and show it to her directly the improvements in her health. We got the reports after two weeks and as expected the report has started showing positive results. We are quite excited as so far we have only served patients in India but with this successful shipment to USA, the whole market of developed world has opened up for us.

I am looking forward to providing Kamalahar to needy people in USA, Canada and all the other countries. In fact if things work out as planned we will look forward to shipping our other Ayurvedic products too. We have started our campaign to reach out to people outside India and started to get query from people outside India. There are many people who suffer from liver disorders in all the countries of the world. Ayurvedic products of Khatore Pharmaceuticals are very cost effective as one bottle of thirty Kamalahar capsules cost less than three dollars. There is one catch that we are trying to figure out how to solve. The catch is currently the shipment cost to countries outside India is way more than the price of Khatore Pharmaceuticals ayurvedic products. But hopefully we will be able to bring it down in due course of time.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Curing without any Side Effect

Every one of us is known with the term of Ayurveda, this is a treatment process. But do you know that what things are used in this treatment process of this method. Perhaps only few would have known that all the spices and herbs are used in this treatment process. There are some examples of these things like onion, garlic, clove, cardamom, turmeric, cumin, coriander and others. India have very important role in Ayurvedic treatment, huge variety of medicinal plants are available in India. Ayurveda imbalance in body is the main reason of diseases and it believes that body should be treated with holistic and natural therapies. Ayurvedic medicines mainly endeavor to keep a balance of physical body with mind and spirit to achieve inner harmony.

Parts of plants are used such as stems, leaves, twigs, flowers and roots during the preparation of many Ayurvedic Medicines. Some times some animal products like milk, bones gallstones can also be used. There are many Ayurvedic medicines in which some minerals like arsenic, gold, copper and lead are used. Alcohol can be also used during the operation as a narcotic. There are many Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic companies in India. Ayurveda has many treatments for those diseases, which do not have treatment in western medicine.

Tulsi or Holy Basil leaves are some common Ayurvedic medicines which are used in Indian household. Tulsi’s extract are used in Ayurvedic remedies for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, various form of poisoning, inflammation, heart disease and malaria. Flatuna Tablets, Suppository And Pessary Products and Inhalade Plus Drops are some Ayurvedic medicines which are used in common dieses like cold, gastric and nose conjunction. Flatuna Tablets are anti flatulent tablets, which are available without antacid. These tablets are used for gastric and comes as sugar coated tablet. Its outer layer has simethicone i. P. 80mg and inner layer has activated charcoal i. P. 250mg.

Simethicone (outer layer) works for stomach gas and activated charcoal (inner layer) works for intestinal gas. These are available with strip packaging. Inhalade Plus Drops are perfect to inhalation for quick and safe relief from symptoms of cold. This is suitable to use and combination of essential oils and inhalants is guaranteed all day relief from cold. Patient may use 2 to 5 drops of inhaled in half liter of steaming water and then they should take breathe in deeply and freely till about 10 minutes. This medicine is available in the plastic dropper bottle.

Managing Healthcare Activities Through Healthcare Educational Courses

Healthcare industry in India is growing fast which has made people to be more and more health conscious so that they can have healthy living for themselves and their family members. Medical facilities are also getting smarter as per the latest technologies, which cater to specific needs of the patients. This has in turn given rise to the demand of healthcare professionals who can manage the burden of healthcare related activities and provide timely service as and when required. Various institutes have launched healthcare management education courses that make the students to understand the importance of healthcare industry and its allied services. Courses are designed accordingly which give detailed understanding of the job role of executives involved in this sector.

The basic idea of all the courses lies in making the students to understand that the healthcare is not just related to hospitals it is now related to pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, information technology, medical equipments manufacturing and supply as well. PGD Health Care Management course gives thorough understanding of management techniques applied in hospital and healthcare organizations. This course does not limit the study to mere medical terms; it gives broad vision and takes the thought level to different direction which includes management skills. The duration of this course is ten months. By doing this course one can expand the job opportunities as well. Aspiring executives should scroll down the job portals that offer lucrative jobs offers in clinics, healthcare associations, nursing homes, hospitals, consulting firms, rehabilitation centers, colleges, universities and many more areas.

Simultaneously MBA in Health Care Management prepares the students with the solid background of effective management skills. They also have ample of chance to in various sectors apart from healthcare industry. Multinational companies are in search of doctors; consultants who are carry out or supervise wellness programs run for the wellness of their employees. Management course trains the students to plan and implement new innovations which helps in providing solutions to the pain areas. These courses are specifically designed to handle all the activities that lead to customer satisfaction. These courses acquaint the students with managerial activities i.e. business administration, stock management, healthcare services, pharmaceutical management by giving them leadership experience.

Graduates or final year students with background unrelated to medicine like engineering, commerce or economics can also opt for these courses. MBA in Health Care Management course is designed with international standpoint which in turn increases the chances of getting the jobs worldwide. Person with sound knowledge can earn a faculty position in hospital administration department in medical colleges or health institutions. PGD Health Care Management course also imparts training on utility services and quality management. It also notifies its students with National health policies. Health institutions also run workshops, seminars and presentations which help the students to discover the current stage of healthcare industry. By being part of these workshops candidates get a chance to meet various healthcare industry specialists.

Getting Dental Implants From Dentists In Mumbai Is A Very Smart Move

If you feel like your missing teeth can never be fixed or that those uncomfortable dentures are the only cure to your dental issues, then you are in for some really good news. Dental implants are all the rage in the field of dentistry and for good reason too. Dentists in Mumbai will confirm this trend as they talk about the benefits that it can offer to the patient who is looking for a more natural feel after a dental procedure is completed. Getting a dental implant is one procedure you must definitely think seriously about if you are going through a daily struggle with your dentures or bridges.

Awareness about the procedure is spreading fast and wide because of its effectiveness. Patients are spreading the reviews by word of mouth and even online. There are several positive testimonials posted online about the efficacy of this treatment. Dentists in India are increasingly recommending this procedure to their patients and due to this the popularity keeps on increasing day by day. The word about the procedure is reaching far and wide, especially among the people living in metropolitan cities who have access to better healthcare and better medical professionals.

Dental implants work and feel exactly like real teeth. You need to take care of them like you take care of your other teeth to ensure that they last a lifetime. And patients must absolutely strive to make their implants last a lifetime because they cost quite a bit, so be prepared to take care of them properly. Dentists in Mumbai can be asked for advice about how best to take care of your newly acquired teeth and make them really last long. Take notes if you have to but be serious about taking good care of your oral hygiene post implants.

Dentists have a lot of intricate work to do while installing the implants and there is a long period of waiting between two sittings to allow the tissue to heal and allow the base of the implants to become a part of the jawbone. Giving it time to heal ensures that there are no problems later on and during the healing time, you must take proper care so that the procedure is ultimately a success. Dentists in India are renowned throughout the world, hence you must be sure to listen to their advice and follow instructions.

You smile is an asset and bringing it back can be one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Forget the problematic alternatives to dental implants and jump right into getting to know more about the procedure. Once you are convinced, get the best dentist you can, based on your budget. Remember, this is a lifelong investment, so choose wisely. While looking for good dentists Mumbai is a great place because you can find extremely talented professionals. Some of the best dentists in the country base their practice in the city of Mumbai. So take advantage of your hometown and sign up for a dental implant today.

Ds Research Centre With Miracle Medicine For Cancer

DS Research Centre is a leading research and development organization in India. The cure is dealing with the ancient science of Ayurveda with the Utilization of Nutrient Energy. The centre was established to offer treatment and research with the direction of Dr. Uma Shankar Tiwari and Prof. Shiva Shankar Trivedi in the year of 1965.

The Cancer Treatment centre started its work as a small unit. The tough journey was combined with the positive thought and vast dedication to the work. The centre holds a large part to the involvement of Ayurvedic treatment for cancer. The success which it gives is exceptionally making an impact in the world of treatment of incurable disease. But there is a lot of work to do to reach the desired destination.
The different units of this research centre are located at Varanasi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore and Mumbai. The main centre is located in Varanasi and the main administrative centre is in kolkata. A continuous effort has been going on to open the new clinics all over India. The scientists have discovered the many source of treatment which is tried upon the patient. Nutrient Energy can be used as the Ayurvedic treatment for cancer to more than a thousand patients and today they are living a healthy, normal and prosperous life.
Cancer cure Ayurveda can play a most important role to cure this dreaded disease by utilizing the theory of science related to Nutrient Energy. The centre makes this discovery through the research of 45 years on Ancient Ayurveda.
In the treatment of cancer this invention is a step forward. The reason is that the lifetime and quality of life is increased for many stage IV cancer afflicted persons. The person who has no hope for life is now leading a normal life through this cancer cure ayurveda treatment in India. The treatment is gradually developed by the years and now became more efficient and focused.

The research fellows from DS research centre are capable of extracting the nutrient energy from different food substances and by utilizing that nutrient energy the medicine has been made.
The energy extracted from the nutrient normalises the conscious chemistry and removes any variation of metabolism where the risk of disease, arresting the body chemistry appear.
The centre shows another scheme at East Medinipur, Contai and Egra Subdivision with the help of Rotary Poly clinic Contai to give free cancer consultation and cervical cancer detection methods. The camp was three day long. The total camp is conducted by the supervision of Ayurvedacharya Dr. Subrata Ganguly, Cancer surgeon Dr. Prasun Ghosh. The Total number of case was 108, out of which 24 cancer patients was informed to join immediately the consultation of DS research centre.
DS research division has a division named by Sachetan Prakashan which published three books in Bengali, Hindi and English. This book has a description about the Cancer Curative and Nutrient Energy Therapy with 111 no of success stories of the cancer patients those are cured with the help of DS research unit from this dreaded disease.

New Medical Horizons in Global Health Care

Health care in the 21st century offers more choices, opportunities, and options than ever before. Not too long ago, medical tourism wasn’t taken very seriously, and the most common foreign destinations for travelers were limited to locations in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Today, medical tourism is the wave of the future in health care, with new facilities offering top class, state of the art and high-tech services in locations such as the Barbados, Costa Rica, Croatia, Jordan, South Africa and South Korea.

Physicians and surgeons providing services in excellent health care facilities, spas, and medical retreats now offer a wealth of options for individuals found in hundreds of regions across the world, attracting not only locals, but international travelers from the western hemisphere to quality and compassionate health care.

Cost perspectives in this new era of medical tourism offer affordable yet world-class treatments and procedures to individuals in a variety of medical fields, including orthopedics, obesity and weight loss, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, cardiac care, and stem cell research.

Individuals around the world can now access superlative healthcare without fearing bankruptcy. Europeans and inhabitants of Russia and Southeast Asia are flocking to superlative healthcare facilities in Turkey, Croatia, India, and Thailand and Singapore for cutting edge technology and effective treatments for a variety of illness and disease processes by compassionate, certified and accredited surgeons, medical staff, and facilities focused on the medical needs and comfort of international travelers.

According to the Medical Tourism Association, the next decade will bring an explosion in international healthcare capabilities and options, with over 16,000,000 Americans alone expected to travel to foreign destinations for their medical care. An equal number of individuals from other countries around the world are also expected to travel to regional or international destinations as well.

The upcoming second Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Conference is expected to attract over 2000 attendees from 50 different countries, including healthcare experts, Health Ministers, Ministers of Tourism, presidents, vice presidents and medical experts from Africa, Russia, Japan, China, South America, and central European countries. Increasing numbers of insurance companies and insurance providers from around the world are adding medical tourism benefits to their policies. The uninsured and underinsured benefit greatly by these increased options for healthcare.

The Asian Medical tourism industry is expected to reach nearly $10 billion by 2013 and health tourism in Mexico, Central America and South America is not far behind. Countries in Central Europe are seeing the enormous benefit of providing world class medical facilities, procedures and travel packages to international travelers, among them Croatia, the Ukraine, and Turkey.

Increasing numbers of healthcare facilities around the world are now seeking international accreditation and certification by world-renowned organizations such as the Joint Commissions International and the World Health Organization, ensuring and enhancing confidence in services, education and training of healthcare providers around the globe.

The benefits and attraction of combining the best that tourist destinations have to offer with quality, affordable and effective medical procedures is attracting young and old alike.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado is dedicated to making affordable health care accessible to all, regardless of geography or culture. Providing reliable, up-to-date, and detailed information regarding medical procedures and techniques, facilities, and training and certification of doctors and surgeons from around the world gives people today more options regarding their healthcare choices.

Author Bio: Offering the latest technological advances, experienced and expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, Medical Tourism in India is flourishing and has secured her place in the world as a premier medical travel, health care treatment destination.

Maternal and child health care practices among tribes in Tripura- A review


The Tribes people constitute 8.14% of the total population of the country, numbering 84.51 million (2001 Census). Out of total population in the state of Tripura, tribal population constitutes 31.1 % having literacy rate of 56.5% (State average 73.7%) which is higher than the national average of 47.1%. Tribal male literacy rate is 68.0%(State average 81.5%) and female literacy rate is 44.6% (State average 65.4%).

Child bearing imposes additional health needs and problems on women -physically, psychologically and socially. Maternal mortality was reported to be high among various tribal groups. The chief causes of maternal mortality were found to be unhygienic and primitive practices for parturition. From the inception of pregnancy to its termination, no specific nutritious diet is consumed by women. On the other hand, some pregnant tribal women reduced their food intake because of simple fear of recurrent vomiting and also to ensure that the baby may remain small and the delivery may be easier. The consumption of iron, calcium and vitamins during pregnancy is poor. The habit of taking alcohol during pregnancy has been found to be usual in tribal women and almost all of them are observed to continue their regular activities including hard labour during advanced pregnancy. More than 90 per cent of deliveries are conducted at home attended by elderly ladies of the household. No specific precautions are observed at the time of conducting deliveries which resulted in an increased susceptibility to various infections. Services of paramedical staff are secured only in difficult labour cases.

As far as child care is concerned, both rural and tribal illiterate mothers are observed to breast-feed their babies. But, most of them adopt harmful practices like discarding of colostrum, giving prelacteal feeds, delayed initiation of breast-feeding and delayed introduction of complementary feeds. Vaccination and immunization of Infants and children have been inadequate among tribal groups. In addition, extremes of magico-religious beliefs and taboos tend to aggravate the problems.

Maternal and child health care practices among tribes Tripura has made remarkable progress in Routine Immunization by increasing coverage throughout the State. As per the National Immunization schedule of Govt. of India, Routine Immunization is carried out in the State including ADC area to cover all children in the age group of up to 1 year. Overwhelming response has been shown in connection with Immunization of DPT. 120.6% children throughout the State has been immunized through DPT whereas the performance of all India level is 94.7 % as per record of Govt of India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare ( Monitoring & Evaluation Division ) during the year 2006-2007. The success is same for the period of 2006-2007 in connection with OPV also (94.6 VS 120.8%). In connection with B.C.G vaccination our performance (140.9%) is much better than that of all India performance which is 100.1%. During the year 2006-07 B.C.G vaccine was given to 679251 children which is much better for the period of 2005-2006 where the total was 64775 children. Measles Vaccine is also being given to children in an effective manner. The achievement of proposed need assessment is 122.2% in the State which is higher than the percentage of all India level (90.4 %) for the period of 2006-2007. In connection with Tetanus immunization (except Mothers) state performance (81.9% achievement of proposed need assessed) for the period of 2006-2007 is better than all India level performance which is 79 %. 37 Point Tribal Development Package was announced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 15th September 2003. The Package has one of the components on Immunization for all Children and pregnant women in ADC area for implementation by Health & FW Department. There are vast differences in the health status of mothers and children between tribal and non-tribal populations.

Compared to the NFHS 2 survey, the infant mortality, under-five mortality, and neonatal mortality have decreased, the proportion of home deliveries is at a standstill. There was a fall in the median months of exclusive breastfeeding, while it had shown improvement among others from 1.3 months to 1.9 months. 9,10 The total fertility rate had shown a slight increase compared to the NFHS 2 survey.

Health care initiatives in Tripura

Rural health schemes benefits of tribals in Tripura under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

The implementation of various schemes in Tripura under the National Rural Health Scheme has given a reason to smile to the locals. Various health schemes under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) are being implemented with an aim to bring down the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR). -NRHM can play a very important role in tribal areas where it is still difficult to reach medical services due to inaccessibility,- said L Darlong, Mission Director of NRHM, Tripura. The schemes are not only trying to create increased health awareness among the poor, but also to increase the manpower of the health department in the state. New well equipped hospitals and health centers are also being constructed in the remote of the regions to provide instant aid to the people. Further, to spread awareness, tribals are being educated through puppet shows, road shows and folk songs. -After implementation of these schemes, there has been rapid awareness among the remote villagers about the health facilities. Similarly there has been also infrastructure development and the latest medical equipments have also been introduced,- said Uttam Choudhury, a resident. NRHM was launched by the Central Government in April 2005 to provide effective healthcare to rural population throughout the country with special focus on 18 states. (ANI)

Health Dept of Tripura : A brief appraisal

The Tripura government is trying its best to make the medical treatment accessible to all. In this direction, Health and family welfare department in the state should be geared up to fulfill the aspiration of common people. In case of preventive treatment, the department is so far successful in reducing death rate due to deadly meningitis. Last year, more than 60 forest dwellers and rural people died of meningo caccual meningitis. The department launched massive vaccination program and the death rate is considerably low in this year. The government has also taken several steps to strengthen the Public Health Care system in the state. No doubt, both the central and state government is sincerely trying to ensure treatment facility for all. Lack of proper infrastructure and shortage of specialists are only few of the hurdles that the government is encountering. Some of the doctors in rural areas are working hard. Without bothering much about infrastructure, they are sincerely trying to provide treatment to helpless poor people. Despite good efforts from government, performance of the health and family welfare department has raised several eyebrows. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) conducted routine audit and found gross misappropriation of public money by the health and family welfare department. Tripura government published CAG report and gross financial irregularities are obvious. In case of health and family welfare department, the report said, -Non-compliance with financial rules relating to maintenance of Cash Book, handling cash and drawal of money coupled with absence of supervision and internal control led to suspected fraud of Rs. 3.49 crore, out of which, Rs 1.96 crore was suspected to have been misappropriated.- (Ref: CAG Report for 2009, The Government of Tripura, Page 47) The report also revealed that concerned department did not properly maintain cashbook. There were no surprise checks and department did not conducted any bank reconciliation. Huge difference between -amount passed to withdraw’ and actual amount withdrawn is really a matter of concern. Statistical data published in CAG report shows that Rs 11,26,850 was withdrawn whereas only Rs 59,800 was passed for withdrawal resulting an excess withdrawal of Rs 10,67,050. Withdrawal of Rs. 3,66,050 was not recorded at all. (Ref. CAG Report for 2009, The Government of Tripura, Appendix 2.1A) Further the report unveiled that the Draw and Disbursement Officer (DDO) deposited Rs. 15,74,000 in two installments in cash in SBI. However, no records regarding source of revenue and purpose of cash deposits remain unanswered. CAG team observes that health and family welfare department did not enforce provisions of financial rules in managing cash, drew money without sanction orders and lack of supervision and internal control resulted in suspected fraud of huge amount of public money. It is interesting to note that the cashier was absconding from Jan 13, 2009 and a case was registered on Feb 7, 2009. CID is now investigating the case. Sources said that the cashier, the DDO and head of the office were placed under suspension. The state government stated that proper action would be taken against the erring officials. To prevent such misappropriation, the government will take few measures to ensure systematic and error free maintenance of accounts. On condition of anonymity, a senior official said that benefits of government welfare policies could not reach to common people due to corrupt officials of the department. He further argued that corruption among the officials could be tracked and controlled. However, malpractices by a section of medical staffs including Doctors also need to be investigated. Services in state hospital are not satisfactory due to commission system and private practice by a section of Doctors. One should stick to one’s professional ethics. Only then, corruption can be tackled and services can be improved, he suggested.

State Population Policy

The Government of Tripura announced the -State Population Policy-2000-in August-2001 with three following objectives. 1) Immediate objective: To address the unmet needs for contraception, health care infrastructure and health personnel and to provide integrated service delivery for basic reproductive and child health care. 2) Mid-term objective: To bring total fertility rate (TFR) to replacement levels through rigorous implementation of inter-sectoral operational strategies. 3) Long-term objective: To achieve a stable population by 2045 at a level consistent with the requirement of sustainable economic growth, social development and environment protection. Main endeavour will be on elimination of poverty and illiteracy and socio-economic upliftment of the people.


One of the important features of backwardness of the tribes is low literacy rate. But it is heartening to note that the tribal people in Tripura have made significant progress in literacy during the last few decades. The literacy rate of the tribal people as a whole increased from 10.01 percent in 1961 to 15.03 percent in 1971 and 23.09 percent in 1981. During the same period, the female literacy rate rose from2.31 to 6.04 and then to 12.27 percent. Even then the difference between the tribal and non-tribal in respect of literacy persists to be substantial. If these differences can be overcome then in near future the state will establish a remarkable landmark in the overall status of maternal and child health care scenario in the country.

Healthcare Sector Is Matching The Pace With It Sector

Healthcare sector in India is under the control of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. When we think of healthcare service providers first and the last thing that would strike our mind is doctor, nurse, ward boy and medicine. They all work to deliver care and treatment to patients effortlessly. Healthcare sector employs huge number of workforce. Change in lifestyle and food habits of people is directing towards the need of more and more healthcare facility centers. There is dire need of experts and qualified healthcare professionals not only in metropolitan cities but in rural areas as well to cope up with the occurrence of illness. These all reasons make this sector more valuable career option. This rise in employment opportunities has influenced majority of students to opt healthcare education course.

Healthcare sector is running parallel to IT sector. It is not restricted to hospitals and nursing homes only. It includes medical care providers, research organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pathological labs, diagnostic centers, medical equipment manufacturers etc. Healthcare Courses enables and prepares the students to handle complex roles in healthcare organizations. They are the healthcare administrators who through their utmost devotion administer the smooth running of the organization. Apart from learning the medical theories and terminologies healthcare courses are formed to improve the healthcare facilities and way of treatment. Basic idea of entire course is efficient delivery of care to patients at every level.

Graduates or final year students having background in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, commerce, economics, engineering, and life sciences can opt for the course like Masters Health Administration which is offered in alliance with foreign university. Similarly for candidates who are interested in operational management can opt for Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management. This course imparts expertise in financing, resource or stock management and planning techniques. Whereas advanced Post Graduate Diploma in medical tourism relates to understanding the role of healthcare with travel and tourism industry from the view point of international patients.

With increasing interest of students in healthcare, various institutions offer regular programmes for Healthcare Management Courses through which interested candidates can make their career in healthcare industry. Management course in healthcare bears same equivalence as compared to management course in any other stream. It mainly focuses on management ethics, strategy building, planning, leadership skills, communication skills, negotiation techniques, decision making and supervision. Indian healthcare sector is recognized internationally as well. India is emerging to be highly preferable destination for surgeries. Healthcare sector has opened the doors for the candidates in various industries such as medical tourism, healthcare customer care, healthcare BPO, healthcare analytics ,educational institutions, insurance companies, NGOs, consultancy firms, hospitals etc.

Educational institutions also offer corporate interface to their student force by arranging various training programs, workshops and events. These programmes give students an opportunity to interact with the healthcare industries professionals which gives them fair exposure of current medical industry and its future growth prospects.

Internet Marketing Of Healthcare Services, Cosmetic Treatments, And Other Popular Medications

One of the disciplines that has undergone a huge change after the IT wave is healthcare. Not only the procedures, treatments and implants are done with intensive intervention and control of IT systems, nowadays even the marketing and proliferation of healthcare services is done using cyberspace and the power of networking such as social media.
TV viewership has decreased a lot during the past few years to a dismal low. It has been replaced by Internet as a medium of communication to grab information and to search clientele, treatments, and medicines. Healthcare services also use it to find retailers, networks and marketing intermediaries to propel their business ventures. Internet marketing services can come to you as a big help to push your Internet promotion campaign.
There are many types of medical and healthcare services that use the medium of Internet to reach people. The most popular among those are health check-up, diagnosis, and pathology services such as X-rays, urine, blood and sugar tests etc. Some of these services are available at your doorstep too. Among others are cosmetic treatments and beauty solutions, which are very expensive but high in demand.
Cosmetic surgeons are using Internet to reach the people who are interested in facelift, wrinkles removal, and treatments of other skin disorders. Hair implants and obesity solutions are among the other most popular healthcare businesses. An Internet marketing company in India can offer the assistance for high ranking, visibility, traffic increment and promotion of your website at very affordable price.
Diet-pills and equipment for weight loss and exercises are among the other products, which are in high demand these days. You can create a website and sell these equipment and medication for weight loss and slimming through it. Search engine optimization services will help you design an e-commerce website, which would be easily downloadable and eye-catching.
It would be content rich and promoted on all the possible article sites, directories and forums so that the likeminded customers may come to your website to buy the products. They will also do link-building from other sites which is a time-consuming process and results in more “footfalls to your website. They also promote it on Facebook pages and Twitter etc. so that your product may be seen globally resulting in more business for you.
Generating business through Internet requires the knowledge of the cyberspace, latest trends, search engine algorithms and RSS feeds etc. So, business owners are advised not to try it by themselves, as this activity would consume a lot of their precious time and they will not be able to generate the kind of results a search engine optimization maintenance done by a professional company can. They should rather focus upon what they do the best, operate the business and maintain supply chain management.
They should allow an Internet marketing company to do what it can do the best. It will also reduce your search engine optimization cost that would otherwise skyrocket in the given scenario. You can choose the most affordable website designing packages and go ahead with the promotion plan. You can also request a monthly progress report of incoming traffic, keywords ranking improvement and response from the customers, which will help you design the best marketing strategy for the future purposes.