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Drixoral Availability In Future

It is almost a decade since people are using Drixoral Cold and Allergy medicine for immediate relief in symptoms of cold such sneezing, watery eyes and running nose. It has become as one of the most recommended medicine by the doctor or health care professional for the treatment of any cold allergy related symptoms.

It was being used by people from all ages from small children to 70 years old person. But starting 2010, there has been huge scarcity of the Drixoral drug in US and lately it has been discontinued in US. There are still few Canadian pharmacies which are selling the Drixoral branded medicine with another brand name Drixoral cold & sinus.

It is almost similar than that of Drixoral cold & allergy medicine though the new pill comes in green color. The ingredients used in both medicines are almost same as well and are manufactured by the same company as well.

Seeing a huge shortage of Drixoral drug, some pharmacies are trying to make more money by charging extra for the drug which is now not available in US anymore. They are importing drugs from countries like Europe, Japan etc.

But there are still few good Canadian pharmacies which are selling branded Drixoral & sinus oral tablets at reasonable rates. Now it has almost become an impossible for the people to buy Drixoral medicine without having any prescription from doctor or health care professionals.

Drixoral & Sinus medicine is not sold to people in huge quantities by pharmacies just like their successor. Moreover, FDA has also put a special warning on this drug that no household should be sold more than 2.5mg medicine per month.

Not only the pharmacies but it is also a responsibility of the people to keep buying the Drixoral cold & Sinus online from Canadian pharmacies by follow the guidelines determined by FDA and pharmacies, else a day will come that Drixoral Cold & Sinus tablets will disappear soon like Drixoral Cold & allergy medicine.

Study Medicine in Russia

Study medicine in Russia? Russia’s long history of medical education has attracted many students from around the world. So what makes candidates want to go to medical school in Russia?Well it is fairly cheap, much cheaper than any western country yet highly advanced and respected around the world. Most students like the idea that their are no entrance exams. This is due to the fact that in Russia the motto goes education is for all those who want to acquire it.

The advantage of studying medicine in Russia is the broad clinical exposure one receives. While their are many medical universities in Russia it is better to go to the ones in bigger cities because they are better funded and are known for research and development.

The admission process isn’t difficult. their are some requirements that need to be met and once accepted an admissions letter is typically issued. After that the student must submit the requested documents along with a fee for an invitation letter. With this letter you than can go to the Russian Embassy in your country and request a visa.

The living costs are relatively cheaper than in Europe. The most expensive thing in Russia is the cost of renting an apartment. To cut costs and stay within your budget its better to live in the student hostel where all foreign students live.

Traveling to the hospitals when doing clinical rotations is usually done in groups. Transportation is easily accessible and one can get a subsidized transportation card that makes traveling less costly. The way it works is you pay a flat fee every month and you get a card that allows you to travel an unlimited amount of times within that month.

To study medicine in Russia it is essential to able to adapt to the climate and culture. You should be willing to learn a bit of Russian which will come natural later, as time passes by you’ll notice how fast you start speaking Russian.

So what are you waiting for, want to change your life, start your medical career today. The opportunity awaits you. Study medicine in Russia and get your MD in 6 years.

Study Medicine in Russia, Admissions help!

Probiotic Mouth Rinse For Good Dental Health

New Natural Product
Don’t give up! Finally, there is an organic product to assist you in breaking down that sticky biofilm, even if you’ve deemed yourself as genetically plaque-challenged. Probiotics can help balance the bacteria in your mouth, reduce plaque, minimize bad breath and even brighten your smile.

What Are Probiotics?
Probiotics – the word means “pro life”. Probiotics are sometimes referred to as friendly microbes or good bacteria. You may have heard about “live and active cultures” in yogurt. Probiotics (something few people had even ever heard of a year ago) are now categorized among the top five items that people say they want to add to their deits according to a Chicago-based company that tracks consumer trends. Probiotics are just beginning to catch U.S. consumer attention after years of sales and wide consumption in Europe and Asia.

Scientists have demonstrated that when used in the mouth probiotics can be helpful in controlling the buildup of pathogens that cause dental disease. Cavities and gingivitis are the result of pathogens attacking spoiled food particles. Probiotics control growth of the pathogens because they compete for same spoiled food particles. This process is called competitive exclusion. Probiotics also lower the pH of the mouth so that plaque bacteria cannot form dental plaque and calculus that causes periodontal disease.

What Causes Plaque?
When food, especially food that contains carbohydrates, sugars and starches, is left on the teeth after eating, the bacteria that normally live in the mouth thrive on these foods and begin to colonize the tooth surface. Some tooth surfaces are very hard to reach by mechanical means such as the tooth brush. In these areas microbes can accumulate and multiply unhindered.

What Makes Some People’s Plaque Build Up Faster?
On any given day, the average adult produces about three pints of saliva. Dry mouth is caused by decreased output of saliva by the three pairs of glands in the mouth. It can also occur as a common side effect of many prescription and nonprescription drugs used to treat depression, anxiety,, pain, allergies and colds (antihistamines and decongestants), obesity, acne, epilepsy, hypertension (diuretics), diarrhea, nausea, psychotic disorders, urinary incontinence, asthma (certain bronchodilators), and Parkinson’s disease. If you are frequently thirsty, often have a sticky feeling in your mouth, frequently get sores in your mouth or chapped lips, or notice that your tongue and throat feel dry – you may be suffering from dry mouth. Dry mouth will increase your chance for tooth decay and mouth infections because saliva exerts two effects on plaque. First, it dilutes and carries away metabolites diffusing out of the plaque. Second it supplies bicarbonate ions which diffuse into plaque and neutralize the by-products of the organic acids in the mouth.

Why Should I Care About Plaque?
Scientists have linked plaque to the formation of dental caries (cavities) and to various periodontal diseases. It is important to realize that the microbes in dental plaque are naturally found in the mouth and are normally harmless. Nonetheless, when plaque in not removed by proper tooth brushing and flossing it builds up and forms a thick extracellular matrix that contains proteins, long chain polysaccharides and lipids. The microbes in the plaque are mostly the bacteria Streptococcus mutans and the anaerobes Fusobacterium and Actinobacteria. The microorganisms at the bottom of the layer of plaque, those closest to the tooth surface, must convert to anaerobic respiration because they cannot get enough oxygen. They begin to produce acids that eat at the minerals in the enamel of the tooth. Saliva cannot penetrate the plaque and neutralize or weaken the acid. Over time a cavity forms and the gums become irritated. The plaque can actually mineralize and form a yellow layer called calculus or tartar.

If the layer of plaque and tartar gets hardened and thick a tooth brush cannot remove it. Routine dental visits are then necessary so that the build up can be removed with specialized sharp instruments. If the plaque and tartar are not routinely removed they cause inflammation of the gums. This condition is called gingivitis.

Calculus can form both above and below the gum line and can often lead to other problems including bad breath, receding gums and swollen or bleeding gum tissue. If the condition persists it can lead to loss of connective tissue fiber that attach the gum to the teeth. At this advanced stage the condition is called periodontitis. Periodontitis has also been linked to cardiovascular disease and mothers who give birth to pre-term low weight babies.

Probiotics and Plaque Prevention
Use of a probiotic mouth rinse can help prevent plaque buildup in the mouth. The viable bacillus microbes (probiotics) in the rinse break down the sticky biofilm that begins to form along the gum line and between teeth. A probiotic mouth rinse is a healthy and natural addition to your brushing and flossing regime. A mouth rinse can reach places that are hard to reach by mechanical means. Regular use after brushing and flossing will leave teeth feeling squeaky clean and over time will naturally whiten and brighten your smile.

For more information visit the Chrisal of California website at www.chrisal-probiotics.com.

Billion Spent On Homeopathy In The Us

A study conducted in 2007 showed that Americans spend 3 billion dollars on homeopathy per year. This accounts for about 8.7% of spending on alternative medicine in the US. US spends about 34 billion dollars per year on alternative medicines. 43% are spent on vitamins, herbs and natural occuring products. 35% are spent on alternative medicine practioner costs. 12% is spent on Yoga, Tai chi, qigong classes, massage and chiropractic.

In 1997, another government survey showed that 27 billion dollars per year was being spent on alternative medicine. In 10 years, the amount of spending by the US consumer on alternative medicines has increased by 7 billion dollars. Government officials expect the purchase of alternative medicines to continue to rise in the next several years.

The total cost of medical care in the US is 2.2 trillion dollars. Insurance covers most of the cost of health care. However, Americans spend 48 billion dollars purchasing prescription drugs per year and about 49 billion dollars in doctor visits that insurance does not cover. Another large cost for the uninsured or under insured is conventional care such as cancer treatments, surgeries and so forth. 171 billion dollars were spent on this type of care.

Much of this data was gathered before the recession of the US. Many people are assuming alternative medicine popularity is growing due to loss of insurance coverage by many Americans. Homeopathy and vitamins can be purchased inexpensively and without a prescription most of the time. Prescription drugs require a doctor visit and may not be affordable to many uninsured patients. In fact, most medicines are except from FDA regulation all together. Homeopathy products are loosely regulated. The FDA assumes homeopathy to be harmless since the medicines are too dilute to cause any harm.

More research needs to be done on alternative therapies to decide which ones are effective. However, many alternative therapies such as homeopathy require special trials since most of the remedies are individualized. Acupuncture is also another alternative therapy where trials are difficult to do. Research does exist in other countries for alternative medicine. Extensive research has been done on homeopathy in the UK and the rest of Europe. India also is doing extensive research on homeopathy. US does not really need to start from scratch on alternative medicine research. US can simply look at some of the promising alternative medicine trials and try to replicate those in a large scale.

Alternative medicines make up a small portion of Americas health care costs. Alternative medicines cost make up about 1.5% of the total health care cost in the US. Do you see even more American consumers using alternative type medicines such as homeopathy in the future

Dental Devices Market To 2016

The global market for dental devices is forecast to exceed $12.9 billion by 2016 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9% from 2009 to 2016. The market is expected to be driven by strong demand for dental implants in US, Japan, Germany and France. The changing dynamics of patient choice and demand for cosmetic dentistry will drive the dental devices market. In addition,technological advances, increased preference for minimally invasive surgeries, dental benefit plans and direct to consumer advertising by manufacturers are also expected to bolster the growth in the global dental devices market.

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The market for dental devices in China is forecast to grow at CAGR of 15% for the next seven years from 2009-2016. The market is expected to be mainly driven by healthcare reforms and deregulation of dental services in China. The state council of china announced an allocation of US$123 billion as part of its new medical reform plan to improve health care through 2011. The plan would cover 90% of Chinas population under a universal health care system by 2010 to significantly improve health care facilities and expand health related infrastructure. Developing Chinese economy has led to consumers desire for better health care and higher quality dental services. This has resulted in rapid expansion of dental clinics, which are expanding beyond basic dental care to offer higher value added services. There are more than 1,000 dental laboratories in
China with production permits and more than 50% of all dental lab equipment and materials are imported from overseas. Health care facilities needs to be equipped with advanced dental technologies as 60% to 70% of current equipment is from the 1970s or 1980s.Hence, patients are seeking out advanced dental techniques to treat there illnesses., which will increase the demand for dental devices.

The US is the biggest market for dental devices, having a market share of 37% towards the global dental device market in 2009. In that year the US dental market was valued at $2.2 billion which is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach $4.2 billion by 2016 .In 2008, the U.S. healthcare spending rose to $2.3 trillion. According to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) $2.3 trillion spent on healthcare in 2008 is translated to $7,681 per person. The baby boomer population due to their unhealthy lifestyle has been contributing significantly to the dental devices market growth in the US. . Implant manufacturers conduct training sessions for dentists to increase awareness, which will drive the dental devices market. Increase in demand for specialist clinics will
bolster the growth of dental implants, chairs and equipment category.

GBI Researchs report, Dental Devices Market to 2016 Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental
Implants to be the Key Growth Drivers provides key data, information and analysis on the global dental devices market. The report provides a market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information on six dental devices market categories: crowns and bridges, dental chairs and equipment, dental lasers, dental implants, dental biomaterials and dental radiological equipment.The report provides comprehensive information on the key trends affecting these categories, and key analytical content on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the latest, advances in dental devices market. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of
industry experts.

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Global Regenerative Medicine Sector To Reach Us$ 13 Billion By 2014

The regenerative medicine market has witnessed significant levels of developments across the globe in the recent years. An efficacy to repair or regenerate cells and organs makes regenerative medicine sector an attractive market. According to a new research report by RNCOS, titled Global Regenerative Medicine Market, the aging population has been increasing in some of the key countries, with the rise in life expectancy. Due to this, the industry holds an immense potential for the market players, and is expected to reach US$ 13 Billion by 2014-end.

Research Analysis and Highlights

The report, which is spread over 100 pages, provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current status and expected position of the global regenerative medicine industry. It provides the forecasts on overall industry size, tissue engineered products, cell therapy, US regenerative medicine market, and Europe regenerative medicine market for the period 2011-2014.

Analyzing the regulatory environment and the recent industry developments, the report includes a balanced outlook on the potentials of the global regenerative medicine industry. Some of the key highlights of the report include the following:

– The US holds the largest share in the global regenerative medicine industry.
– European regenerative medicine market is likely to accelerate at a CAGR of around 19% during 2011-2014.
– The US is the source country for almost half of the total inventions in the regenerative medicine research.
– Stem Cell Therapy dominates the global regenerative medicine industry.
– Chinese regenerative medicine market is likely to witness significant developments in future as investment accelerates.

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The Natural Remedy For Under Eye Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes

What if I told you the natural remedy for under eye dark circles and bags? An easy way to get rid of your puffy eyes and under eye circles that only makes you look younger and healthier?

There are many skincare companies which promise instant cures for your puffy eyes and dark circles. But, many of their skincare products contain harmful synthetic chemicals.

You don’t want to use dangerous chemicals on your skin (especially around your eyes) like: acrylamide since it’s very irritating to the eyes and skin, alcohols because they dry out and also irritate your skin, and mineral oils should be avoided due to the fact they clog pores and prevent your skin from eliminating toxins.

Instead of chemical based products, look at skincare which contains healthy, natural substances found in an eye gel that reduces the bags under your eyes and dark circles.

Discover the secret to a safe, effective natural remedy for under eye dark circles found in natural substances. No harmful chemicals, just healthy and safe ingredients used to eliminate your under eye circles.

A skincare product meant to be used around the eye area which has been clinically tested (on human volunteers) and proven to achieve results. Natural ingredients that work to get rid of those dark under eye circles so your delicate skin has a more supple, firm and healthy look.

Besides the natural ingredients like vitamin E, active manuka honey and babassu, look for these effective and chemical free substances:

Homeo Age — this natural ingredient is an extract from Canadian brown algae. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the delicate skin around your eyes.

And, the combination of two ingredients in the natural eye gel that helps remove those bags under your eyes and dark circles. Effective substances called Halyoxl and Eyeliss.

Halyoxl — this substance helps thicken the skin under your eyes. It boosts circulation and removes accumulated haemoglobin from the delicate skin area. Halyoxl has been tested and clinical studies have shown to reduce under eye circles by more than 60%!

Eyeliss — an ingredient formulated in Europe that reduces the puffiness and bags under your eyes and also smoothes out the wrinkles.

Now that you know the natural remedy for under eye dark circles and bags under your eyes that is safe and effective. Only pure, natural active ingredients are treatment for dark circles and puffy eyes that are found in the most amazing eye gel.

Tej Kohli Foundation Works To Provide Healthcare To India’s Poorest People

A recent review of public healthcare spending indicates that India ranks 171 out of 175 countries in the amount of money spent. India spends less than 5.2 percent of the GDP – 4.3 percent is contributed by the private sector leaving the government to spend only 0.9 percent on public healthcare.

While India has made great economic strides over the past decade, it is still the poorest country in the world with 51 percent of its population or 844 million people living in oppressive poverty. While the economic development of the country is proceeding at a sound pace, the health of the population is dropping. The urgent need to provide basic healthcare to India’s most impoverished people is a concern of many different humanitarian and religious relief groups.

The Tej Kohli Foundation, a privately funded non-profit humanitarian relief organization based in Guragaon, India, is one of the many charities offering aid and assistance to thousands of India’s poorest children. Compelled by an awareness of the need and by a heartfelt desire to help make the world a healthier, happier place, India born entrepreneur Tej Kohli established the foundation in 2005. Entirely financially funded by Mr. Kohli, the Tej Kohli Foundation attempts to lift the burden of poverty by providing food, educational opportunities, clean drinking water, adequate sanitation and medical services to India’s poorest people.

Tej Kohli, visionary philanthropist, international businessman and chief donor to the Tej Kohli Foundation notes, “Children determine the future. If a country nurtures these children’s talents from a young age, it will be capable of raising its living standards. The Tej Kohli Foundation cannot cater to each and every child in India but we hope our work will encourage our country to unite and make life better for Indian children”.

Staffed by a compassionate group of dedicated volunteers, the Tej Kohli Foundation strives to reduce poverty and illiteracy, launching education and health programs in both India and Costa Rica. The Tej Kohli Foundation operates on the premise that -the desire to help others is a primary human drive that, if harnessed correctly, inestimably benefits those who receive it.- Holding a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in India, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe, Tej Kohli is an international businessman and compassionate philanthropist; a shining example of -compassion in action.-

“I’m just happy to help spread a little bit of happiness into their lives,” says Tej. “And as we grow we’ll help a lot more people have a chance at a lasting, brighter future.”

Glamsmile A Revolutionary And Painless Solution For Getting That Perfect Smile At Designer Dental S

GlamSmile: A Revolutionary and Painless Solution for Getting That Perfect Smile at Designer Dental Studio

If you have discoloured, unsightly or worn teeth and you want to improve your smile, then cosmetic dentistry treatment is definitely for you. Here at Designer Dental Studio, we offer only state-of-the-art solutions for giving our clients the perfect smile as well as the perfect set of pearly whites they have always wanted.

Designer Dental Studio offers all new, cutting edge techniques in teeth restoration and smile makeovers. One of these technologies is called GlamSmile. GlamSmile is an innovative revolutionary dental procedure which is guaranteed to give you a sparkling and beautiful new smile.

Basically, GlamSmile is a fantastic brand spanking new porcelain veneer system developed in Europe. GlamSmile system utilizes super strong veneers that are also a lot thinner than your traditional veneers. The great thing about GlamSmile is that, in most cases, the removal of healthy tooth structure will not be required, which is painful.

At Designer Dental Studio, our GlamSmile certified dentist will perform the procedure in just two short visits. That’s how short the treatment is with this new system.

With GlamSmile, you will never have to hide or cover your smile again. The best thing is, Designer Dental Studio can offer you this smile makeover treatment at a very affordable price. After the procedure, you can proudly walk out of that dental clinic and show off those new sets of pearly whites immediately.

GlamSmile is a conservative and minimally destructive way to install veneers. Because the material involved is ultra thin, there is no need to remove healthy tooth structure in order to make room for the veneers.

Preparation is very minimal and because it doesn’t require the removal of healthy tooth structure, the procedure is fast and painless. With GlamSmile, you will never have to endure needles, anaesthesia and drills again.

Designer Dental Studio will ensure that your smile will be vastly improved as well as immensely enhanced. With our ultra modern facilities brimming with the latest technology in veneers and other dental procedures, you can be confident that you will have a much more beautiful and natural looking smile.

If you are interested in our GlamSmile treatment, please feel free to visit us at our clinic in Brisbane. You can also call us to book a consultation without any obligations. Our professional team here at Designer Dental Studio will be more than happy to help you with your questions regarding our GlamSmile treatment. At Designer Dental Studio, we also ensure our clients are very comfortable and at ease. With our treatments, you will never look at the mirror the same way again. You yourself will be dazzled by the changes we can provide.

The Roots Of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine and modern medicine have may differences and whose to say which is best? Today, we expect doctors and medicines to fix whatever ails us instantly and doctors only look at the current physical problem when diagnosing our needs.

Alternative or holistic medicine, on the other hand, takes many different factors into consideration before prescribing a cure. This type of healing has been in use for thousands of years and can be very effective. It concerns itself not only with the physical problem, but with the problems of the “whole” self.

Alternative medicine includes massage, therapy, herbal tea, herbal medicine and millions of people today still use these types of treatments instead of or in addition to modern medicine.

Different cultures have had their own specific types of alternative medicine and many different types of treatments. Many of these treatments have survived and are still effective today. In fact, massage, which many people swear by in the modern world is actually one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine and records of massage therapy date back to ancient Egypt.

In ancient Europe there were two types of healers, the professional physicians and the folk healers. The folk healers lived in the lower class and healed the people of each village who could not afford the expensive physicians. These people believed in the folk treatment and it worked for them. This type of situation also occurred in many other cultures.

In Western culture, philosophy was frequently used to assist the folk healers in their quest for a holistic treatment. Philosophy was important because it told the stories of their lives. With a twist of philosophy and religion as well as belief, they easily found the best treatment available for whatever it was that was ailing the villagers of this time.

We now have a more advanced or instantaneous form of medical treatment, but alternative medicine can still be very effective. Massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbal, humor therapy, meditation, and many other forms of holistic healing are used every day. In fact some of these treatments have become so popular that they are no longer considered alternative medicine and they are now supported by modern physicians.

Although the theory of alternative medicine has been ridiculed throughout the centuries , it has survived for one reason – It works. Alternative treatments may not work as fast as the treatments that we have today, but these natural types of treatments can be better for you overall, if you just give them a chance. Lee Dobbins enjoys learning and writing about herbs, home remedies and alternative treatments. Please visit www.herbs-home-remedies.com for more on alternative healing.