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Medicare Supplement Quotes – Get Some Now, But Buyers Beware!

Medicare Supplement Quotes from multiple companies can be hard to find, but gathering all the necessary plan information and quotes can prove to be extremely valuable when purchasing a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan. Seniors across the nation, whether they are just turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare for the first time, or have been on Medicare for years, search for hours to collect the right information in order to make a good choice. Where they look, who they talk to, and where they get their quotes can have a dramatic effect on their out of pocket medical costs for the rest of their life.

Most Seniors start getting Medicare Supplement Quotes from their local insurance man, but soon realize the person who handles their auto and home owners insurance only offers one or two companies, and they are usually very expensive options. Other seniors call companies they know and trust, such as AARP or Blue Cross. This can be a good option as these quality insurance companies will provide good quotes and can have competitive prices in some areas.

The smart shopper knows he or she should compare prices from all companies to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck. There are companies who charge a fee for this information, but a national insurance broker who carriers every company and every plan can easily give you all the Medicare Supplement Quotes at the same time, eliminating hours of searching.

The insurance broker you speak with can provide all the information you need, but it is important to get Medicare Supplement Quotes from someone who offers unbiased advice. Many agents in a call center are taught to only offer certain plans that pay the highest commission or are the easiest to sell. These plans are not always the best solution for the person getting Medicare Supplement Quotes. Therefore it is important to work with an insurance broker who is both honest and knowledgeable. The experts at Medicare Supplement Shop have been in the business for over 25 years and sit on several expert panels and advisory committees.

Good advice can be hard to find, and knowledge is everything when shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance. While getting Medicare Supplement Quotes from every company is extremely important, it is not the only thing that matters when shopping. Several companies offer teaser rates which last only a year or two. After the initial enrollment period is over, the insurance companies can raise Medicare Supplement prices dramatically, much to the dismay of the people who purchased the plan. Consulting an expert who knows these companies well can be very beneficial when making a good decision.

At Medicare Supplement Shop, we recommend comparing all Medicare Supplement Quotes and plans from multiple insurance companies and believe it is important to consider good customer service, financial stability, company quality, and pricing history when making a decision. Over the years we have helped thousands of people make good decisions. Please do not hesitate to call (800) 807-0177 if we can help.

Some Seniors Supporting Medicare Health Insurance Plan Cuts

One of the primary questions about Congress’ moves towards healthcare reform is how they are planning to pay for it. A variety of budget cuts and tax increases have been proposed by the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to provide affordable health care. Many are especially worried about the impact of the Senate’s proposed decrease in Medicare health insurance plan spending. However, AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) recently announced that they support the Democratic bill, which includes approximately $460 billion in Medicare cuts. Why would they back legislation that may harm people over the age of 65, half of whom are card-carrying members?

Detractors would point to their history of supporting many laws proposed by Democrats, and say that the group is too cozy with that party. AARP takes a different view; CEO A. Barry Rand told its members that the proposal would not reduce any guaranteed benefits associated with the government-sponsored health insurance plan. Moreover, he pointed out that Medicare has recently been plagued by inefficiency, waste, and fraud–eliminating such expenses should cover most of the shortfall. Some believed that such wasteful spending is inevitable when the federal government is involved, making their support of a public option (effectively taking the form of “Medicare for all” health insurance plan) ludicrous.

Republicans such as Senator John McCain warn that the cuts will target some of the add-on benefits many seniors have come to expect from Medicare Advantage. These benefits often include gym memberships to maintain their fitness, in addition to higher quality vision and dental care. A Medicare Advantage health insurance plan is sold by private insurers as a supplement to standard Medicare. Proponents of the healthcare reform bill admit that Medicare Advantage programs will face the bulk of the cuts in federal funding, but accuse the health insurance plan providers of using the partially subsidized premiums primarily to finance corporate profit margins for their shareholders and exorbitant salaries of their executives.

There is definitely some opportunity for cost saving. Studies show that a senior citizen covered by a private health insurance plan (e.g. Medicare Advantage) costs the government 14% more than one on regular Medicare. It remains to be seen if the benefits to seniors outweigh the continuous additions to the budget deficit. McCain admonished the AARP for using Medicare funding as a “piggy bank” to pay for other health care programs, thereby driving it closer to bankruptcy. The organization has also been criticized for not recognizing the wishes of their own membership: there is no doubt some overlap between their membership roster and attendance at the town hall rallies earlier this year.

The Senate is expected to vote on the Medicare cuts today, prior to debate on the complete healthcare reform bill. Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet has proposed an alternative amendment that would result in all guaranteed Medicare benefits being spared–a move which he recognizes could cost him his seat. His proposal could see more support from Democrats wary of alienating the most consistent demographic of voters. Meanwhile, McCain has proposed his own amendment to change the language of the Medicare-related provisions and send the bill back to senatorial committees. They are accustomed to their health insurance plan and understandably resistant to change.

Is AARP likely to succeed in its goal? The likelihood is high. It is 40 million members strong, and has been a powerful lobbying group for decades. Even a fraction of them writing letters or making phone calls can have a significant effect on pending legislation. The impact such a move will have on AARP-branded health insurance plan offerings remains to be seen.

Medicare And Aarp Health Insurance

There is a special supplemental insurance plan called AARP Health Care Options, which can help consumers with research. AARP Health Care Options has effectively gathered an index of groups they’ve deemed to be most suited for those falling in the fifty and over age bracket.

This special program (available exclusively and specifically to AARP members and their other half) is presently serving over 3 1/2 million members of the AARP and has become exceedingly popular.

Only recently, has AARP Health Care Options started providing primary health care insurance, discounts on non-prescription and prescription medications and eye health services. Before its primary benefit was restricted to supplemental health insurance.

Concerns About Modifications In Medicare

A lot of seniors have been concerned regarding changes in Medicare, wondering how the new features might affect them. As a word of advice, it may be said that the AARP health care option is a good idea for people who have lost health coverage from Medicare.

There are some senior citizens who have discovered that their Medicare part D plan just isn’t enough for their prescription needs and found themselves in a scramble when they hit the “doughnut hole”. Many think that the Government is leaning towards recommending that seniors turn to a different source when this happens. If you are aware your Medicare supplement plan isn’t going to cover what you need, you might want to think about this Canadian prescription plan alternative.

In the event you would like to enroll in AARP health insurance, you must apply “within 63 days of the term date of the prior health plan”. Also remember to “provide a copy of the Notification of Rights letter from this prior insurer with the new application”.

AARP Is A Favorite Among Senior Citizens

With the AARP health insurance program, members and their spouses can have access to the very best health care products available in the market today. Such ‘products’ might consist of (but are not limited to) primary health insurance plans, hospital indemnity supplemental insurance plans, and more. In select states, Dental insurance is also included. The healthcare choice also provides a discount on eye care and non-prescription and prescription drugs etc. This option also takes full charge of delivering reimbursable Medicare medical supplies to you.

There are a number of ways members of the AARP can find savings. To start, there is the Medicare Rx Plan, which is essentially a prescription drug plan that is insured by United Health Care. But that’s just the beginning. With AARP health care options, you can even save on some vitamins and nutritional supplements. To top it off, Members of the AARP might qualify for as much as a 60% discount on glasses or contact lenses.

Online Medical Insurance Options

Now enrollment is accessible on the Internet, and as long as you have somebody to help you with the application forms, it can be quite easy. If you speak to a Pharmacist, they ought to know proper choices for what you need.

Although the recent modifications in Medicare might have been confusing at first, many people have identified affordable health insurance. If you’re still having trouble with decisions about medical insurance, Medical insurance through AARP provides coverage in most circumstances and is most definitely worth checking into.

Delta DentalAARP pay for three cleanings

Delta Dental/AARP pay for three cleanings

February 12, 2008 — Breaking the clich of two annual dental cleanings, AARP Dental Insurance Plans administered by Delta Dental now covers a third annual cleaning.

“Our members continue to cite dental benefits as one of their most pressing needs and areas of concern,” said John Wider, vice president of Health Products and Services, AARP in a press release. “Expanding the program to deliver additional preventive services adds value for our members and supports a holistic strategy to promote overall health.”

“There is increasing evidence that poor dental health is associated with several serious and chronic medical conditions, so the opportunity to provide more coverage for preventive dental care in the plan benefit design should boost the overall value of the AARP Dental Insurance program, which has proven effective and affordable for many members,” said Lowell Daun, D.D.S., a senior vice president with Delta Dental.

New members will receive the added service when they sign up; existing members will get it when they renew the membership.

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Medicare Supplement Plan Rate Increases – How & Why

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan is the price you are paying. You want to make sure to purchase the plan from a quality company that offers your plan of choice for an affordable price. However, one thing worth checking into is how often the company you choose will raise there rates. There are several ways to get information about Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, but knowing exactly what your plan will cost in ten years is nearly impossible.

Most Medicare Supplement Plans are priced using the “Attained-Age” method, which means the price will increase every year on your birthday. For example, when you turn 71 years old you will pay slightly more than when you were just 70 years old. This pricing method is very common and is used by nearly every insurance company. You can easily judge how much your price will increase due to age by taking a look at the “Summary of Benefits” offered by your insurance company.

Some Medicare Supplement Plans are priced by the “Community-Rated” method, which means the price will be the exact same for everyone regardless of their age or when they purchase. At times, entire states will offer this pricing method. A good example of this would be Connecticut or Arkansas. While this would seem like the best choice, people who are 65 and purchase a community rated plan will likely pay more than if they purchase a plan from a company who uses the age-attained method.

The third method of pricing Medicare Supplement Plans is called the “Issue-Age” method. The most popular company who uses a combination of the Issue-Age and Attained-Age methods to price their plans is AARP. The Issue-Age method means the price is based on your age when you purchase the plan. For example, the price you pay for the plan would be higher if you enroll when you are 66 rather than when you are 65. It is also important to note Medicare Supplement Plans can be subject to rate increases in order to keep up with inflation. Often times, companies will raise their rates for every plan they offer in order to keep up with rising costs for health care services. These rate increases come as a big surprise to consumers as they are relatively unexpected. However, they usually happen only once every few years.

Medicare Supplement Plans are all priced differently and the price increases must be approved by the state department of insurance. Experts recommend you consult an insurance broker who carries multiple companies to get some idea regarding which companies raise their rates more often than others. There are several quality companies available, and you want to make sure you purchase your plan from a company who offers your plan for an affordable price.