CMS MLN helps you keep pace with the latest Medicare policy changes

Medicare providers often find themselves in the dock when it comes to keeping pace with the latest changes in Medicare policy. This is especially true since the new Medicare Modernization Act came into being, which is one of the most important changes affecting the Medicare

One place where you can have access to all educational information for Medicare-fee-for-service providers is the Medical Learning Network (MLN) which is located in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Website.

What’s MLN?

Medical Learning Network (MLN) is the name for the official CMS national provider education products crafted to promote national consistency of Medicare provider information.

The CMS learning network provides Medicare policy in simple language and shows you how you’re affected. The network also makes easy the process of finding answers and solving problems pertaining to Medicare.

It provides a variety of training and educational materials that break down Medicare policy into plain language with actionable tips to utilize in your day-to-day work. To deliver educational and updated programs, the network makes use of the Internet, brochures, videos and web-based training courses. Also, if you’re looking for articles on the new changes in Medicare policies, CMS learning network is just the right place to head to. Here you can have access to nationally-consistent MLN articles.

The CMS Medicare Learning Network plays a vital role in furthering the agency’s culture of responsiveness. Its goal is to provide you with simple educational materials that will help in your understanding of new or revised Medicare policies.

CMS Medicare Learning Network is certainly a one-stop shop for Medicare fee-for-service providers!

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